The Black Sirens

So, you want to join the crew? Hah… It’s not an easy life. To commit piracy is a act that will be punished by death, if caught and captured that is… Still want in the crew? - Aye.- Alright first job… Go swab the deck!"


The Black Sirens of the tide is a rogue pirate organization captained by Lanayi. (see her character intro for for details on her)

As a rogue pirate crew, we are more inclined to take on illegal jobs. If you need anything shipped to anyone for the right price or need a ship sunk we’re the crew for you. We pillage any unsuspecting ships as a fast way to get resources and funds.

The Black Sirens are recruiting people of all nations and fighting styles. The more diverse, the easier it is to make our enemies fall.

  • First Mate
  • Second Mate
  • Sailing Master - Calypso
  • Deckhand
  • Shipwright - Aiza
  • Gunner
  • Cook - Jinn "Rusty


Still interested in joining? Leave your application and desired position below. Hope you don’t get seasick mate!


My gal Aiza for shipwright? :^)

Calypso has been accepted as Sailing Master! :slight_smile: just wanted to add it here.