Introduction | Calypso

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【 Biographical Information】 bending short gif 1245x245
【 Parents 】Dead or Unknown
【 IGN 】Khalasar
【 RP Name 】Calypso
【 Age 】16
【 Nation 】N/A
【 Hometown 】N/A
【 Current Residence 】Ship, Southern Water Tribe



Calypso is short and slim. Her hair is dark, her skin is fair, and her eyes are bright blue. She often dresses in whatever robes and cloaks she can steal, but always prefers black. She carries a long katana with her, its sheath also black, to camouflage in her clothes.



Calypso is good at reading people, through interacting with and scamming them on the streets. Going by many aliases she interacts with people in different ways depending on their personality. Most of her personality will be revealed through independent roleplay scenarios.

Besides that, she is generally on the quiet side, generally hostile, she often lies, and she often steals.


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Not many know who this young girl is, pillaging away at unwatched barrels and docked cargo loads. The street rat girl has been seen in ports like Agna Qel’a, Ember Island, the Southern Water Capital, and Jehung, blending in with the other beggars and merchants. In conversation, she is obviously educated, but that is all you will get from her mysterious background through talking. In practicality, you might notice her quiet steps, excellent thievery, and sailing skills for when she’s stolen your dingy. She is so secretive, in fact, she’s never told anyone her true name on her travels. After going by a variety of aliases, her current one is Calypso Bulbossa. As of recent, she’s joined a group of pirates called the Black Sirens as their waterbending Sailing Master.