Introduction | Aiza


Art by me :^)

IGN: Frumblebee

RP name: Aiza (she/her)

Age: 20

Nation: Fire Nation

Hometown: Jang Hui

Current residence: None. She is constantly on her feet, never staying in one place for too long.

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Profession: Shipwright for the Black Siren


Aiza is incredibly hotheaded and dry humored, and tends to lack trust for others.

Throughout her entire upbringing, Aiza has relied on herself to survive. She possesses a natural talent for mechanical engineering, and has a lot of experience with hard physical labor and metalwork and welding, where she has honed her firebending skills to exceptional levels. She has a muscular build, and is quite physically strong. If you were to get on her good side, she is fiercely loyal, and very occasionally good humored. She’ll do just about any work if you pay and feed her.

She tends to close her emotions off to others, deeply afraid of closeness and betrayal. Her self sufficiency makes her incapable of accepting help from others, and she is very quick to anger. Aiza could be bleeding and dying in front of someone, and vehemently refuse help because “she isn’t weak” and “she can do it herself.” She is prone to headaches from an untreated head injury she sustained in her younger years.


Born in raised in poverty, Aiza was taught from an early age that she could only rely on one person to survive: herself. She developed a steely attitude as she fought her way through life, closed off emotionally in order to protect herself from the betrayal she faced time and time again from those who earned her trust. To make ends meet, she resorted to petty crime in order to scrape by.

Occasionally, she was hired for various short-term labor jobs, where she showed exceptional talent with metalworking and mechanics. Although her remarkable skill for mechanical engineering was enough to be acknowledged and praised by her employers, her jobs were small and inconsistent, so it was impossible for her to land anything steady.

While finally securing a financially lucrative position as Shipwright for the Black Siren crew, Aiza still struggles to be personable. She does her job, sleeps well, and gets paid. What more could she ask for?

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