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Welcome to my mining page! :gem: :pick:
I am one of the top miners on the server and decided to open ‘Henry’s Mining Shop’. I offer a multitude of services surrounding mining, including gem purchases, ore trades, and tool selling! To find out more, visit my shop in-game or read the information below!
(I also thought I might have some fun and make some lore for the shop, hope you enjoy it!)


Prices and Offers

At ‘Henry’s Mining Shop™’ we are happy to purchase uncut gems at a competitive price, starting at double the miner NPC price! We buy the following gems (all are open to negotiation and to one-to-one swaps):

Opal Jade Peridot Topaz Garnet Sapphire Emerald Ruby Amethyst Diamond
20¥ 40¥ 60¥ 80¥ 100¥ 120¥ 160¥ 240¥ 320¥ 400¥

We are also very pleased to sell low-tier gems and ores to help new miners join the profession! We sell the following gems (all are open to negotiation):
Copper Tin Iron Silver Opal Jade Peridot Topaz Garnet
20¥ 40¥ 50¥ 60¥ 40¥ 55¥ 75¥ 90¥ 120¥

Lastly, we also sell tools to aid you with mining and building across the server (abiding by current restrictions!). We sell the following tools (all are open to negotiation):
Bronze Shovel Bronze Pickaxe Bronze Axe Steel Shovel Steel Pickaxe Steel Axe Mithril Shovel Mithril Pickaxe Mithril Axe
35¥ 40¥ 40¥ 80¥ 120¥ 120¥ 140¥ 200¥ 200¥

But wait! We’re also extremely happy to listen to any custom mining-related offers you might have.

Meet Henry

Henry Jr. Portrait
This picture was taken at the grand opening of the first ‘Henry’s Mining Shop™’.

Before 'Henry's Mining Shop™' was founded, it began with just one man, Henry Jr.

Henry Jr. didn’t have much going for him in life. He came from a poor family with no inherited wealth or economic property whatsoever, was stuck living in the impoverished Plains Village, and was struggling to make ends meet to support his family.

Days and days of his life were spent in the deep dark depths of the mineshafts, working hard from sunrise to sunset everyday. After months and months of living with this laborious lifestyle, he felt like giving up, already beginning plans of how he could move his family elsewhere, perhaps do something calming like fishing for a living instead. Yet, he couldn’t even afford to travel anywhere else in the Earth Kingdom, leaving his social mobility entirely restricted under his crippling economic status.

However, one day whilst working in the mines, he swung his mithril-encrusted pickaxe into something he had never come across before. It glimmered with a purplish aura and diffused a diamond-haze into the air. He was sure not to tell any of his miner collogues at first, and began carefully chiseling this seemingly alien substance quietly by himself.

This magical material he had found could only be likened to that of Meteorite, due to its immense durability, strength, and ethereal aesthetic. It cut through stone as if it were paper, he had never been so efficient at his job before. Soon enough he had been going secretly to the mines to collect the entire vein of this substance and stash it in his house, until there was nothing left. He used it to make tools and that only helped his luck grow at an exponential rate, soon enough he could mine so fast that finding gems and ores was easier than ever.

It didn’t take long after that for Henry Jr. to form a mighty plan, he became ambitious and swiftly monopolised on this Meteorite material. He enrolled all his colleagues with meaty wages to smith his Meteorite into ingots and tools for him to export across the Earth Kingdom. The yuans came flying in at the speed of light, he became the richest man in Plains Village within weeks (although… this isn’t that impressive).

This led to him opening his world-wide incorporation, ‘Henry’s Mining Shop™’, allowing him to sell and buy goods across the four nations and dominate the mining industry. Despite this newfound wealth, Henry Jr. hasn’t forgotten his roots, and regularly donates to the poor villages located within the Earth Kingdom deserts, providing essential resources and shelter.

In-Game Shop

Henry’s Mining Shop can be visited in-game! It can be found at: Mine Shop No. 3, Desert Mines, Plains Village, Earth Kingdom.

This is where I can be found most of the time for in-game trades.
P.S. You should definitely take a selfie with Old Humphrey, the shop tender!

Extra Information

I want to make sure my shop feels interactive, unique, and fun! So I have many plans to do things like competitions, discount events, deals, and much more. My suggestion would be to keep your eyes peeled on #trading since that is where I’ll post about these things!

Also for a shameless plug, whilst you’re here you should check out my Render Commissions Page! It’s what I did for many of the pictures on this post!

Thanks for visiting ‘Henry’s Mining Shop™’ :wave: :green_heart: