The Koan Family

Family Description

This is not a usual family lineage. The newspapers only tell half the story…

Zhozhou, a firebender from Shu Jing Village was banished from the Zhoka family for not following certain family traditions. We still don’t know exactly which family traditions were broken, but this resulted in Zhozhou having lost their ability to bend fire. Zhozhou was banished when only 15 years old. They had nowhere to go and walked for days in rain and blaze until reaching the Southern Air Temple, where they took refuge amongst the Air Nomads for 20 years. During their time in the temple, Zhozhou studied air nomad culture and philosophy very closely, and…met Luetso.

Luetso, an orphan airbender, was raised in the Southern Air Temple. Since he was 5, Luetso had been an absolute pain to manage. The High Monk used to say: “if Luetso only fartbends at us twice in a day, we are lucky and thoroughly blessed.” Ten years later, he was as mischievous. He met his better half in the temple library, while he was looking for a place to hide his stained trunks. And there they were, Zhozhou.

Their gaze met and it was instant…insanity! Since Zhozhou was also very much into pranking (maybe that is how Zhozhou got banished in the first place), they formed a pranking/farting team called The Koan Partners. Soon after this, they had to be transferred to the Northern Air Temple—the monks in the south had had enough of it. Zhozhou and Luetso were 20 years of age.

Five years later, it was clear that pranking and farting was just a pretense to the undeniable truth—they had feelings for each other. Luetso let go of his monk duties (hehe, duties) at the temple, and together with Zhozhou, moved to the Fire Nation. Zholu was born soon after.

When Zholu turned 5 and needed to enrol in the Fire Nation School, Luetso and Zhozhou had to come up with a family name to fill the form… Zhozhou was no longer a Zhoka family member, and Luetso never had a family name. They knew one thing, they were not your usual family lineage, and more than anything, they were a team—the Koan family.

Physical Attributes

Light brown hair, light brown eyes. Pale and on the short side.

Family Head

There isn’t a family head. Luetso and Zhozhou share all familial responsibilities equally.

Current Members

Luetso Koan, 35 (IGN: Luetso )
Zhozhou Koan, 35 (IGN: Zhozhou)
Zholu Koan, 10 (IGN: fatMANtha)
Auran Tupelo, 14 (IGN: SkyeSAO) Details on the adoption of Auran will follow soon!

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