Roddock's Fire Mastery


Minecraft username: Roddock

Character name: Roddock

Character age: 39

Link to character introduction: Roddock's Character

What element are you applying for mastery over? Fire

Bending instructors: Searc, but Brea can also vouch for me

Number of mastery lessons completed: at least 10

Master moves completed (for Water/Earth/Fire): Jet propulsion and Pressurized fire stream

Why do you deserve the title of master? I’ve been out and in the server and I’ve realized that I still really love to roleplay in the Avatar world. I also want to help push forward the roleplay on the server and with the mastery I can do teachings for any new members of the server.

What roleplay would you generate as a master? The most basic roleplay that I could do is host lessons for fire benders, but most importantly I hope to generate a whole story for everyone to enjoy.

Knowledge Showcase

Choose a move you have learned and roleplay how you would teach it to a student. Explain what the move does and describe the form, movements, and technique required to perform it. How does it connect to your element? How can it be used practically outside of lessons? A move that would be taught early on would be fire streams, which is the form of projecting fire from your fingertips, fists, palms, or legs. I will start of with the student doing basic movements to get the feeling of the move and then once they are comfortable with the moves we will move on to actually using fire. In the end the student will be able to calmly keep a stream of fire going.

Please respond in character to one of the following scenarios. Choose one that will help showcase your character’s relevant skills and creativity! You may respond to both scenarios if you wish.

You’re taking a leisurely stroll through a forest outside a town when you hear voices up ahead. You cautiously approach the source of the noise and spot a group of people. They appear to be discussing a plan of some sort. A few of them carry weapons, and you can tell they’re looking for a fight. You don’t know anything about their intentions, but you can tell from their posture and attitude that they’re confident and skilled. There are no other people in sight. Suddenly one member of the group spots you…

Roddock would attempt to talk to them because he was taught in his training to never strike first. After speaking with the group Roddock realized that they have some bad intentions. There is no world where Roddock would stand by to let a group cause harm, so without hesitation Roddock attacks the group. After many hours of fighting without his bending to prevent a forest fire, Roddock was able to defeat the group and take them into a near town for questioning.

A devastating earthquake has struck a city in the cold, dead of night, causing widespread destruction and leaving many people injured. Many buildings have become unstable or collapsed altogether, trapping citizens and creating obstacles throughout the city. The air is thick with dust that creates a hazy atmosphere, obscuring visibility and making it hard to assess the extent of the damage. Fires have broken out in one area of the city. As the dust settles and the injured cry out for help, you emerge from where you had taken shelter…

Roddock comes out to notice the fires that are accruing. With his teachings of controlling fires with his bending, Roddock does his best to calm the fires down. Before doing that he tells anyone who is not injured to find survivors. After many hours controlling fires and getting all survivors out of the city, Roddock gets everyone together to heal the wounded and to start finding food, water and shelter for the upcoming months while they rebuild the city.