Roddock's Character

IGN - Roddock
RP Name - Roddock
Sur Name - Sagiki
Age - 37
Birthday - March 24, born 97 AG, Year of the Platypus Bear
Nation - Fire Nation
Hometown - Ember Island
Current Residence - Fire Nation Capital
Pets - Yiki (Messenger Hawk)
Roles -
Religion - The White Lotus

Height - 5’7”
Weight - 162 pounds
Physique - Broad shoulders, in shape and flexible. Does workouts everyday to keep in shape.
Hair - Black
Hairstyle - Has his hair loose to let the wind flow through it.
Eyes - Amber Gold
Skin - Tan
Attire -
Formal: A traditional Fire Nation robe from the highest quality of Caldera City.
Casual - A typical wealthy Fire Nation outfit but has been modified to his own taste.
Beach - Shirtless with some Fire Nation swim pants.
Work - Police Officer Outfit
Cooking - Cooking robes that are flexible.

Demeanor - Roddock tries to smile everyday because he feels the world will be a better place if everyone was smiling.
Strengths -
Firebending: Learned from his father as a young boy.
Hard working/Determined: Roddock will always strive for his goals and will not let anything or anyone stop him from doing them.
Open-minded: Roddock was thought to love the Fire Nation and Roddock wants to help protect his nation.
Weaknesses -
Emotional: Roddock is very attached to his mother so he gets emotional some times when he is away from home.
Stubborn: Roddock doesn’t let anyone stop him from getting his goals done because he is stubborn and doesn’t always listen.
Favorites -
Drink: White Dragon Tea
Appetizer: Baked Hoisin Sauce Chicken Wings
Entree: Beef Ramen
Dessert: Fried Banana Cakes
Fighting Move: Fire Blast
Color: Purple
Animal: Dragon
Plant: Cherry Blossom

97 AG - 107 AG
Roddock was born on March 24, 97 AG in Hira’s to the Sagiki family. His family are well off and are known in the town. Roddock grew up playing in the streets with the other boys and learning how to cook from his mother. His mother, Akira, wanted Roddock to know all the families recipes. Roddock enjoyed cooking with him mom because he was allowed to eat the food after they finished cooking it. Roddock’s father, Naoto, was a tea shop owner in the town. Roddock would go there once in awhile to learn how to make tea. Roddock believed that tea can help bring people together. Roddock also was a firebender, so his father made sure he trained with the local master. Roddock would always want to play but he didn’t want to disappoint his parents. Roddock had dreams to go to the capital and become a chef. The next few years Roddock will learn everything he could from his parents and school.

108 AG - 117 AG
In Roddock teen years he started to focus more on cooking and making tea because his father would one day want him to take over the tea shop. Roddock didn’t want the tea shop because he wanted to go to the capital. Roddock had many friends in Hira’a and would go out almost every night to be with them. He would cook and make tea with them. Everyone in town loved Roddock’s cooking. Roddock knew that is people like his cooking here than he would have no problem in the capital. It was his older years in his teens where Roddock focused on his firebending. Firebending wasn’t easy for him, but he got better at it the older he was. Roddock had a perfect life like any other kid in a regular family. Roddock started to work in the tea shop and his father would treat him like an employee. Roddock would talk to everyone that came into the shop. People would come to the shop just to talk to Roddock. Roddock was happy with his life, but he wanted to go further in life. At the age of twenty he asked his parents if he could move to the capital.

118 AG - 125 AG
Roddock packed his stuff and took a boat to the capital. When he arrived at the the capital, some thugs robbed Roddock. Roddock chased them but they got away. Roddock was angry and had to figure something out. Roddock had no money or documents to get into the city. He found a man who was hiring cooks to work at his street food cart. Roddock asked for the job and the man asked how good he was. Roddock said I can make anything for ya. The man asked Roddock to make some food and Roddock ended up impressing the man. The man hired him instantly. Roddock would learn the ways of a street cook by doing fancy tricks and stuff for entertainment. Roddock would have people all over the city to come to him for food and a show. Roddock was paid very well. Eventually Roddock had enough money to get new documents and to live in the city. He would commute from an inn to the food cart. One day a man who looked very wealthy came up to Roddock and asked where he learned how to cook. Roddock told him about his mother and his home town Hira’a. The man was delighted to hear the story and offered Roddock a job at the Blooming Dragon. The Blooming Dragon was one of the best restaurants in the capital. Roddock took the job and started working there immediately. Roddock was able to talk to everyone that came into the restaurant. More and more people started coming because of the wonderful hospitality Roddock was giving. Roddock felt at home in the restaurant. Roddock would send letters to his family all the time. After five years of working as a chef for the Blooming Dragon, Roddock was given the role of head chef. Roddock was trilled of his new job title and did his best to make that his job better for him and others around him. After working for almost eight years as a chef Roddock ended up having something very eventful happen. At the age of twenty-eight Roddock was walking down a street when he saw the same thugs who robbed him go into a shop. Roddock decided to walk in as well to see what would happen. When he got in the shop he noticed the three thugs robbing the place. Roddock instantly open fire on them to stop them. The three men ran out and Roddock chanced them. Roddock knew he would not let these three escape this time. Roddock managed to catch them and turn them into the police. They had a bounty on them but Roddock refused the money and said these three had this coming to them and he was lucky enough to be around to help. One of the cops told Roddock that he should join the police and Roddock told him he will consider it. Roddock went to sleep that night thinking about joining the police. For now that is Roddock’s story. Time will tell where Roddock’s life will go.