Introduction | Honu Hanri

Walmart Prince Wu

[ IGN ] : Henwy_

[ Name ] : Honu Hanri

[ Age ] : 28

[ Pronouns ] : He/Him

[ Nation ] : Earth Kingdom

[ Residence ] : Jehung & Gaoling

[ Parent ] : Zhulin Hanri // Mother

[ Sibling ] : Ju Hanri // Brother

[ Pets ] : Jasmine & Matcha

[ Belief ] : Hiqora

[ Title ] : Ex-Grand Secretariat

Credit to Sasspai for the artwork.

Honu is a very small and thin man. He has curly black hair, which is a common physical trait within the Hanri family, that covers his forehead and parts slightly in the middle. His eyes are dark green eyes and are very similar to his brothers due to their narrow shape. Honu’s physique is the antithesis of his mothers’ expectations and of his tall, muscular brother. Honu is rather scrawny and has always struggled with the fact he does not abide by the stereotype of what a ‘real man’ should look like. In regards to his attire, his wardrobe mainly consists of purely fancy and formal clothes, as he wears them even just as an everyday look; he adores suits and it would be very unlikely to ever see him not displaying traditional Earth Kingdom colours: green and gold.

Honu has a very kind and innocent soul. He had an extremely demanding childhood which for a while forced a dark lens upon his view on life. He became very negative and pessimistic, especially when thinking about himself. Ever since he was young, Honu was placed under the unattainable expectations of his mother, that felt as if they were purposely impossible for him to fulfil. Honu also has a brother, Ju Hanri, who although was nowhere near perfect in the eyes of their mother, still managed to outshine Honu in almost every way possible. Ju not only inherited their mothers cooking skills, a prized virtue within the family, but also her natural earthbending talent. Unfortunately, Honu did not inherit any of that, he was unable to cook well, be proficient in his earth bending, or show any possible sign of physical strength… making him the ‘epitome of disappointment’ according to his mother.

As a child, Honu would spend everyday trying to appease his mother and gain an ounce of her approval. However, not once was he successful. Honu was left feeling as if he were hopeless and inherently unworthy. This left Honu struggling to find out who he really was in his later life, his identity had become consumed by his search for approval, and he had never thought much about himself or what he truly wanted. Eventually, Honu gave up trying to impress his mother, and accepted a life of individuality and self-sustenance. Through this, he found out his passionate love for reading and politics, the two things which made him truly happy. Ever since, Honu promised himself that he would do whatever he could to use his passion to help people, and do his best to overcome the pessimistic cloud his mother still holds above him.


[ Honesty ]
Honu is a pretty honest person overall. He sees inherent value in the truth and does not agree with lying on an ethical level. He cannot recall many times during his lifetime where he has lied, especially not in a serious way. Honu has a lot of kindness in his heart and that is part of the reason why he would find it very difficult to lie directly to someone's face. Not only that, but he is also just flat out not very good at it. Deception is not one of his strong suits, so even if he were to try and lie, most of the time the other person would likely be able to tell. A philosophy Honu holds close to his heart is that 'the truth can only solve problems, whereas lying will only lead to more', which he incorporates into his everyday life and professional work. The only time Honu would ever lie is if he succumbs to his temptations, allowing them to corrupt and overcome his morals.
[ Intelligence ]
From a young age, Honu had been blessed with an immaculate memory and ability to understand deeply nuanced and complex concepts. He has always been fascinated by knowledge, and the power it holds. He sees genuine beauty in learning, striving to make it accessible and appealing to everyone he possible can. Throughout life, Honu often used his knowledge to make up for his lack of skill in other areas, such as strength and earthbending. Due to this, Honu has become an aficionado in topics of his passion, including: politics, Earth Kingdom anthropology, and philosophy. He has developed a flawless work ethic from his time in Ba Sing Se university and uses it to his advantage in most aspects of his life, providing him with great focus and self-motivational skills.
[ Perseverance ]
Honu's childhood forced him to become quite good at persevering and not giving up. However, he is far from perfect, as he is only able to truly persevere once he gets past his mental block of self-doubt. This may sound like a contradiction, but as soon as he gets past his self-doubt it becomes extremely easy for him to learn and perfect new skills. Yet, if someone insults him or critiques him in a way that makes him feel as if he is not good enough, it can cause him to go a few steps backwards into another spiral of self-doubt, preventing him from continuing. If Honu isn’t careful enough he can often find himself in a repeating circle of taking one giant leap forward but then a multitude of small steps backwards.



[ Spineless ]
Honu does not have much of a spine when it comes to more dominant personalities. This is due to how easily intimidated he becomes due to him harbouring a more passive personality, as well as being physically small and weak. As of the current time, Honu has not been able to find a way to get more of a spine in the face of others and desperately needs a tough person to teach him how to stand his ground. Otherwise, he will continue to be hindered and moulded by those around him.
[ Sensitive ]
Honu is often described as a sensitive person. He has always been very in touch with his emotions and that can sometimes make specific situations harder for him to deal with. In times of conflict, he often can feel targeted even when he is not, or as if he has done something wrong. This has caused him to be rather indisposed to criticism, especially when it is not wholly constructive and clearly converted. Due to this, he often finds difficulty within situations where stern people talk down to him, and tries to stray away from being put into those contexts as much as possible. His feelings get hurt quite quickly and act as another trigger to make him spiral into self-doubt. This is one of the reasons why he had always found earthbending training hard to handle.
[ Temptation ]
It is no secret that Honu has had a relatively easy life compared to most, with the majority of his problems stemming from his parenting. However, aside from that his entire life was full of privilege, which he has been found to sometimes take for granted. He grew up in lavish surroundings and always had the access to the educational resources that made him happy. This caused Honu to grow used to getting what he wanted and he never really had to learn what it was like to not have everything he needs. Due to this, Honu quite easily succumbs to temptation, especially when faced with a means of getting him what he desires.
[ Self-Doubt ]
Honu’s self doubt is his hamartia, acting as his fatal flaw. His crippling doubt stops him from often even considering to try certain things. He gained this flaw from his mother, as every time she told him how ashamed he should be because of who he was, he grew less and less secure with himself. This was really hard for Honu to handle as a child, especially when paired with other aspects of his character, such as his sensitivity. It caused him to develop a closed mindset, where his mind constantly repeated: ‘I’m never going to be good enough’, like a broken record. Despite being a product of his upbringing, this mentality still affects him today in his adulthood, and can be observed through his training and professional struggles.
[ Fearful ]
Honu is almost constantly in a perpetual state of fear. He finds it as something that is immensely difficult to tame, and when he cannot control of his fear, it stops him from functioning as he usually does. Honu often grows fearful when it comes to contexts he has absolutely no control in, often leading to a dreaded state of paranoia and anxiety. The tiniest of situations can cause him to feel scared and paranoid, which is not helped whatsoever with his lack of ability to protect himself. Honu also has issue with predetermining that new people are out to hurt him in some way, so he often struggles to trust new people and properly become vulnerable with them. Honu has been working on controlling his fearfulness for a while, as he is aware of its potential to make him act irrationally, which Honu absolutely despises as someone who highly values his ability to analyse situations and act accordingly.


Honu’s childhood was moulded by the harsh and merciless household in which he resided. Within the confines of his home, his mother, Zhulin Hanri, cast a shadow of disappointment upon him, constantly berating him for his thin, scrawny physique. Zhulin was the worst mother anyone could wish for, she was evil-incarnate, priding herself on being the embodiment of cold bluntness. She went so far as to declare him unworthy of being a true man, instilling in him a deep sense of isolation and rejection. Even his own brother became a recipient of Zhulin’s undivided attention, as she relentlessly guided him towards meeting her unattainable expectations. This persisting favouritism fuelled Honu’s inner turmoil, fostering jealousy and spite within his heart.

Honu desperately sought ways to win his mother’s approval, and with determination burning in his eyes, he embarked on a tireless quest to impress her. He dedicated countless hours to various endeavours, striving for gracious excellence, yet nothing seemed to satisfy Zhulin’s desires. As she and his brother spent most of their time away from home, Honu found himself with ample free time on his hands. It was during these solitary moments that he turned to the solace of books and study, convinced that knowledge held the key to earning his mother’s long-awaited appreciation.

Meanwhile, Honu’s brother’s training grew more arduous and demanding, drawing their mother’s attention away from him even further. Honu was left cut off from their world, his interactions with his brother and mother became scarce. He remained an introverted soul, the outside world a distant and unfamiliar concept. Instead, he transformed his bedroom into a sanctuary of learning, and within those walls, he allowed his imagination to flourish…

In the realm of his dreams, Honu assumed the role of an influential politician. He immersed himself in crafting fictitious contracts and laws, orchestrating elaborate scenarios of meetings and announcements. In these moments, he felt a surge of purpose coursing through his veins, free from the ceaseless pursuit of his mother’s elusive love. Deep down, Honu harboured a burning desire to use his knowledge to help others, and the realm of politics and leadership called to him like a blissful siren song.

Amidst the expectations that were imposed upon him, Honu forged his own path, one paved with the unwavering belief that his intellect and aspirations could transcend the dismay of his mother. Despite his childhood may have been defined by unacceptance and disappointment, his sheer determination and idyllic dreams ignited a flame within him, that would one day illuminate his journey towards becoming a figure of significance, armed with wisdom and a strive to make difference in the world.


During the dawn of Honu’s adolescence, he cautiously ventured socially around Kyoshi village. He formed acquaintances, though he kept them at distant, always wary of being judged. Honu believed that maintaining a certain distance would shield him from the scrutiny of others, preventing them from seeing the vulnerabilities he harboured deep within. Although he managed to forge friendships, they remained surface-level, leaving him yearning for deeper connections.

At the age of 14, Honu embarked on a journey to gain real-world experience. His first attempt was to adopt the position as a waiter in a local tea shop. However, after only a few days, he found himself dismissed from the job. It was a harsh realization for Honu, who had immersed himself in the world of literary fantasy, oblivious to the challenges of the laborious working environment. But Honu was not one to surrender easily. Determined to find a job that suited his unique skill set, he soon found employment with a wealthy individual. Honu took on tasks such as tax calculations, document writing, and reading formal letters for his employer. However, as time wore on, the monotony and meagre compensation began to erode his childish enthusiasm. Thus, Honu made the decision to leave behind the long hours and paltry wages, bidding farewell to the life of an underpaid teenager.

Shortly after his 17th birthday, Honu had mentally devoured every book on Kyoshi Island, deciding to board a boat that would carry him to Ba Sing Se in hopes for more to read. Recognizing his intellectual prowess, he was granted early enrolment in Ba Sing Se University. Immersed in the prestigious halls of academia, he delved into the study of political science and philosophy— subjects that had always ignited a spark within him. Honu’s intrinsic passion for these disciplines flew him to the top of his class, earning him recognition as one of the greatest students in this year. The university not only provided him with access to an extensive library filled with books he had yet to discover, but it also expanded his knowledge of politics, anthropology, and philosophy across all four nations.

As Honu’s mind became an overflowing treasure trove of wisdom, the doors of opportunity swung open towards him. The vast expanse of knowledge he acquired at the university broadened his horizons, allowing him to glimpse the interconnectedness of the world. His insatiable thirst for understanding propelled him toward a promising future, one where his intellect and personality would intertwine harmoniously.

Early Adulthood

After graduation, Honu made the conscious decision to immerse himself in reality, embarking on a journey to Gaoling. With his hefty childhood savings and familial funds, he purchased a small townhouse and began carving out a place for himself in the bustling city. In his spare time, he volunteered at the local library, sharing his love for books and knowledge with others. However, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was missing out on a more fulfilling career, one that aligned with his true potential.

Despite his efforts, Honu struggled to forge meaningful connections with the people of Gaoling, leading to a growing sense of boredom and dissatisfaction. In a bold move, he decided to confront his past and journey to Jehung, the home of his family. Zhulin’s cautionary tales about the recklessness and undisciplined nature of the Hanri family lingered in the back of his mind, but Honu chose to disregard those lessons of caution. After all, going against the lessons of his mother was becoming the zeitgeist of his age. As he arrived at the extravagant Hanri Estate, guards who had long forgotten him greeted him with confused caution. Fortunately, the reunion with his cousin Habien shattered the ideology Zhulin had instilled into Honu, as Honu was warmly embraced by his distant relatives. Grateful for their kindness, he accepted the offer to reside in the estate, realizing that Zhulin’s portrayal of the family had been so far from accurate.

During his time in Jehung, Honu delved deeper into his research on politics and immersed himself in studying the differences between political systems across the four nations. The realisation that he was inching closer to his dream of helping others through politics filled him with determination. With his external studies completed, Honu seized the opportunity to run for the position of ‘Mayor of Jehung’. The election proved to be a resounding success, catapulting him into a position of power and fulfilment, despite not being well-known by the citizens. Determined to make a lasting impact, Honu tirelessly dedicated himself to the betterment of Jehung, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to serve the community. As he worked towards his goals, he also found himself forging stronger bonds with his newfound family members, cherishing the support and connection he had long yearned for in life.

In his role as Mayor, Honu not only made a name for himself but also found a deep sense of fulfilled purpose. His dedication to helping the people of Jehung and the launch of ‘Honu’s Learning Centre’ brought him a profound sense of joy. With every decision he made and every act of altruistic service he performed, Honu demonstrated his worthiness and commitment to his Kingdom.

Present Day

A few months ago, Honu made a monumental decision to step down from his position as Mayor of Jehung and take on the esteemed role of Grand Secretariat, an aspiration he had cherished since childhood, never realising it would ever come true. Honu embraced this new responsibility with immense pride, pledging to the Earth King and himself that he would make the Earth Kingdom proud and diligently serve every citizen equally, establishing liberty for all.

However, Honu’s ability to work was put to the test when he found himself in an unforeseeable situation. Kidnapped by a band of ruthless bandits, accompanied by a wild feral child, he was forced to be made aware of his fatal vulnerability. Paranoia seeped in through the cracks of his self, causing him to question the loyalty of the entire kingdom, unable to trust any stranger. Determined to overcome his fears and prove his capabilities, Honu embarked on a mission to fulfil his original promise.

His journey took him to various corners of the Earth Kingdom, but it was in Omashu that the true mission began. A young boy had been abducted, and Honu, joined by his loyal friend Sakura, took it upon themselves to rescue him. Disguising themselves and navigating treacherous paths, including the mystical Cave of Two Lovers, they ultimately freed the boy and safely reunited him with his family. This accomplishment bolstered Honu’s sense of personal success, but there was more to do. Following the rescue, Honu received a letter from the Swamp Village while he was in Kyoshi. It alerted him and Sakura to a terrifying creature wreaking destructive havoc on the village. Driven by his sense of duty, Honu set out to assist the villagers. His journey led him to confront the beast alongside a group of allies, and their combined efforts successfully rid the village of its menace. The Swamp people were filled with overwhelming gratitude, rewarding Honu and Sakura with a stolen scroll from Gaoling.

Intrigued by the scroll’s contents, Honu and Sakura delved into its teachings, discovering it was a guide to the art of Seismic Sense. As someone who had struggled with earthbending throughout his life, Honu initially hesitated, fearing failure in front of others. However, with his mother’s persuasion and encouragement, he decided to give it a try. Despite his reservations, Honu embarked on a journey to master the basics of earthbending and the intricate techniques of Seismic Sense. In this journey, Honu had an encounter with his cousin, Haiwu, who believed that he had yet to grasp the true essence of being an earthbender. In a dedicated training session, Haiwu imparted her knowledge, starting with the importance of connecting with the earth and dispelling any fear. On that day, Honu showcased the best earthbending he had ever achieved, as Haiwu guided him on proper stances and methods.

During the session, Haiwu pointed out the areas in which Honu needed improvement, showing them to him though lifting a boulder, which she slowly lowered onto Honu, this left him with no choice but to bend it or face lethal consequences. Honu summoned the strength to lift the boulder, liberating himself from its weight. This marked a pivotal moment in Honu’s training journey, fuelling his determination to grow stronger and become proficient in bending.

Since then, Honu’s shaky pursuit of mastery continued, as he honed his skills and pushed the boundaries of his abilities with General Rhea Daichi. He had been making improvement, with the occasional mental slip-up, but the slow improvement was promising. He has been consistently training his strength and bending, having made some progress, but he still has some way to go. Having continued with some more lessons, Honu thinks he is almost there - but not by any stereotypical means. Through constant failure, he has discovered his own bending style that is proving to work alongside his lack of sheer strength, and he believes if he is able to prefect that - he may finally have the grounds to impress his mother.

[ Mother | Zhulin Hanri ]
Honu's relationship with his mother was minimal at best, she never praised him for the stuff he tried to do to please her. He respects his mother and is determined to prove himself to her, the idea of her approval has taken over his life. Everything he does to hopefully one day make her proud, his mother isn’t the best at showing kindness and support and that has made Honu feel distanced from her. Recently, he had encountered his mother and grew closer to gaining her approval through his improvement in bending. However, he is still far from being close with her and having her true approval, which he fears he may never receive in her lifetime.
[ Brother | Ju Hanri ]
Honu loves his brother deep down but finds it hard to show that a lot of the time, Honu is always jealous of everything his brother seems to be and has been trying to be like him since Honu was a child. He always tries to forget about the jealousy towards his brother and recently Honu has completely gotten over the jealousy he had for his brother, he loves his brother dearly and is proud of his success and Honu has been a lot happier since they reconnected.
[ Cousin | Habien Hanri ]
Honu loves his cousin very much, living with him and being around him has allowed Honu to get to know him better. Honu is always up for spending time with Habien and looks forward to any time they work together as Earth King and Grand Secretariat but also values the time they spend together as Habi and Honu.
[ Cousin | Haiwu Hanri ]
Honu and Haiwu can seem like the complete antithesis of one another, and for the most part they are. However, there is something that draws Honu towards her, he's not quite sure what it is exactly, perhaps a deep found respect for her work ethic, or simply just marvelling at her partially hidden personality. Honu both fears and excites at the thought of seeing his cousin, because he never knows if he'll be getting some spectacular advice... or a crushing boulder on top of him. Nonetheless, Haiwu's training has been paramount to Honu's mastery training, and he would be useless without her.
[ Grandmother | Granny Mi-Yung ]
Honu never saw his granny that much during his childhood, he doesn’t know her as much as he would’ve liked to. However, he has seen her recently for the first time in a while, during her time in Jehung with the Hanri’s he got to speak to her and get to know her a tiny bit more. Honu loved granny Mi-Yung and was even a bit intimidated by her. Honu would do anything for his grandmother just like she would do anything for him, he sees her like the loving mother he never really had.
[ Companion | Sakura Gyeon ]
Honu and Sakura met each other on Kyoshi island. Sakura took place as Honu’s temporary personal guard. Adventure seemed to constantly chase the two, forcing them to spend a large sum of time together, in which they began to grow quite close. Honu is somewhat incompetent with understanding and displaying his emotions, especially around Sakura. There is something about her that brings a shyness out of Honu... and he's not too sure as to why.
[ Teacher | Rhea Daichi ]
Honu and General Rhea Daichi first met randomly in Jehung. They harbour quite dissimilar personalities, yet for some reason they appeared to get on quite well. Rhea graciously took it upon herself to teach Honu some earthbending skills, after he had expressed his difficulty in mastering it. She was patient yet firm, similar to Haiwu, which proved to be beneficial to Honu's training- as he was forced to not slack off of let his self-doubt get the best of him.