Water Tribe Warrior Kelah

Ign: hypergamergirl
RP name: Kelah
Age: 25
Nation: Southern Water Tribe
Hometown: Southern water tribe capital
Current residence: Southern water tribe capital
Parents: Madak and Kema
Pets: None
Siblings: None
Profession: Warrior


I am an introvert with new people and it is harder for me to get used to new situations but once i am comfortable with a person, it makes it easier to open up. As unusual as it is, even though i am introverted, I am very headstrong about the things I am passionate about.

Trained by my father who used to be in the Water tribe military, I am able to adapt in any environment. I watch my surroundings before attacking. Which means i analyze my enemies so i would know how to**

As an only child, I am an introvert. Meaning it takes some effort for me to be able to take some initiative. Eventually I will be able to overcome this flaw and not let it get in the way of my goals.**


As the daughter of an esteemed water tribe military person, Kelah is pressured into becoming a great warrior and bender. She must learn to grow beyond her ice shell to learn in an ever changing environment. Not only is she expected to be a good bender, her family has expectations of her receiving a mastery in any sub water bending. She was always warned about the bad stigma of blood benders, but she never agreed that bloodbending should be completely banned. She always thought bloodbending should be reserved to defeat extremely strong benders that pose threats to the peace of the world.

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