✦ Umaira Hanri ✦


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Name: Umaira Sahla Hanri
Title: Princess of the Earth Kingdom
Age: 23
Pronouns: She/Her
Bending: Earth
Parents: King Habien Hanri | Father :heart: Laila Nazari | Mother

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Head | Long wavy black hair, dark green eyes, and often adorned with a crown due to her royal status.
Body | Average height, smaller frame, and dark skin. On her hands are permanent burn marks (ask her about them IC)
Apparel: She wears variations of long green robe-like dresses that are often covered in golden accessories. If she is not wearing them, she is wearing her training outfit as she is still learning how to bend and is perfecting her swordsmanship. She will sometimes be seen with a ring
umisring that you can ask her the origins of in roleplay.

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✦ As a member of the Hanri Family, Umi has a natural gift for bending, despite being a novice still.
✦ Umi learned how to wield a sword before she could earth bend, though it has made her bending process slower.
✦ Being a member of the royal family, she gains a level of influence and attraction to certain people.

✦ Umi is not as durable as the rest of her family, and can be taken down if someone did manage to hit her.
✦ Has very recently learned how to read, so she’s very slow at it. She also cannot write very well at all and will require help.
✦ Mirroring her strength, being a member of the royal family can also produce very negative interactions as not everyone agrees with the existence of the royal family.

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Born in the Si Wong Desert, Umaira had only known very few people that were consistent in her life. Her mother, Khalis, and the same neighbors she saw each day in the Misty Palms Oasis. Though Khalis was like a father to her all of her life, she was always told that her real father would return someday soon & that fueled her for 16 years. She was told stories of him being an adventurer and believed that he was simply lost trying to find his way home from an adventure.

Her relationship with her father aside, Umaira had a very normal life for anyone in the desert. She came in contact with sketchy people often and was taught from a young age how to fend for herself for the most part. Things were very normal in the Oasis until the town had new visitors when she was 16. After having a heated discussion with Khalis, a man with fancy robes approached her to inform her that he was not only her father, but he was the king of their entire kingdom.

Since then, Umaira has united with her family, taken many lessons, and improved on her social and academic skills at her fathers side. Many years and stress inducing situations have fallen to her past as she stands now ready to apply all of her skills and better her kingdom in any way that she is able to.

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