The Ukiuk Family

The Ukiuk Family is a noble family from the Northern Water Tribe. Their history and ancestry is very unique, the family being quite well-known in the history of the Northern Water Tribe. The Ukiuk ancestry dates all the way back to the historical time of the tales of the original waterbenders learning how to waterbend from the moon. However, what made them unique is their family’s development with waterbending. Cupun and Aklaq Ukiuk, two ancestors of the Ukiuk clan, were the sons of two waterbenders who learned the original fundamentals of waterbending from the moon; specifically, push and pull technique.

Sakoda Ukiuk, played by Sakoda

Ko’Ama Ukiuk of Agna Qel’a, Played by Khalasar

Chung-Chi Ukiuk, Played by Rilakumma_Abbie

Asyu Ukiuk

Sokaya Ukiuk, Played by Tootsie_drag

Physical Attributes: Those of the Ukiuk Family have very common features of the Water Tribe. They have dark hair, alluring blue eyes and a tan-brown skin complexion. In addition, another feature of the Ukiuk Family is how tall they stand. Those of the Ukiuk Family can be found to stand taller than others.

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