The Standing Bear Clan of Angniku

The Standing Bear Clan is an Angniku family. The name of the clan was found from the first leader of the family that was around the time of Avatar Roku.

Taktuq was a warrior of the Southern Water Tribe. In a tribal war, Taktuq fought to keep his tribe safe from the enemy. He saved many people, and when the battle ended Taktuq stood strong among his people. People nicked named him Standing Bear. Standing Bears do not run from their enemies, they stand and protect those in need.

The old leader of the family, Sialuk’s father, Kappiataitok Water-Line Agate handed his daughter, Sialuk as the head of the clan, because she was assigned the Diamond gemstone, and was now old enough to take over. The clan is mixed with many gemstone carriers. Many warriors, healers, cooks, and more have been in the family since it was formed many years ago.

Appearance: Dark hair, tan skin, eye color varies and they must wear their gemstone somewhere as it’s part of the Angnikuyaak customs.


Head of the Clan

Sialuk Diamond


Takiyok Akoya Pearl (Mother, Medicine Woman) - open for grabs

Kappiataitok Water-Line Agate (Father, Non-bender)


(Four Siblings only)

Siku Onyx Agate (Brother) (Banished)




Children in the Family

-Qilaq Twilight Sapphire - Mother & Father: Sialuk & Tarkik

-Nashim - Mother & Father: Akna (Adoption) &a Ichina (BP)


-Akna of Nauruk

-Anyo Blue Apatite (Maternal)


There are 3 Aunts in the Standing Bear Clan.

Two sisters to Takiyok, and One sister to Kappiataitok

  • Jissika Botswana Agate (Maternal, NPC)

There are 4 Uncles in the Standing Bear Clan.
Two brothers to Takiyok, and Two brothers for Kappiataitok.

  • Akna’s Father (Banished)



RP Name:

RP Age:

Home: Must be from Angnikuyaak! If you live outside of it, then you can not
join the family! Unless you are a cousin who’s parent has been banished from Angniku, or you are a cousin/aunt/uncle have been banished. A sibling can be banished, but must be done in rp like Siku for example.

Character a bender?

Character Stone:

Relation:Please add Maternal or Paternal side if cousin! Maternal is mother
side and Paternal is father side.

Character Intro Link: (needed unless you’re taking a parent then contact me before applying for parent. Ps. Erase this part when applying!)