The Dai Li of Ba Sing Se


“They would be silent, precise. And feared by all. They became known as the Dai Li.”


The Dai Li are a secret police, enstated in Ba Sing Se by Avatar Kyoshi. She trained the first agents herself to the best they could be, to become some of the most elite fighters and protecters in the Earth Kingdom. The purpose of the Dai Li is to protect the cultural heritage and traditions of Ba Sing Se, and in turn the royal family themselves.

Since the malice of Long Feng’s reign over the Dai Li, their original purpose has been squandered. We wish for more people to join the Dai Li in protecting Ba Sing Se’s culture as we bring them into a new age, where their true purpose is fulfilled as a group of protectors. Not people to fear.


The Dai Li’s overall goal is to keep the culture of Ba Sing Se and its royalty safe and secure, for as long as the Earth Kingdom reigns. They are to be swift in striking down threats to their culture, acting with secrecy as to not worry the general public. They are also to simply protect the public security of Ba Sing Se and make sure the city is safe from political and physical threats.



We have custom-made Dai Li robes for those of our recruits who are promoted to agent and above. While these robes are not to be worn out in public in roleplay for everyone to see, they will be worn during Dai Li roleplays as well as when one is on duty! Contact the Dai Li head on discord if you need the skin base (once you’re a fully-fledged agent, of course).

If 3 pixel arms aren’t your style, we also have 4 pixel arm bases available to use as well.


The only requirement needed to apply for the Dai Li is to be at least a Lieutenant/Ensign in the military. This is so the people joining the Dai Li are already fairly known in the Earth Kingdom’s fighting forces, as well as it’s a way for those looking to apply to gain some beginning experience. It also acts as a filter to those applying. If you’re interested in joining the Dai Li and fit these requirements, schedule a meeting with Earth Kingdom Military members or the Dai Li head on discord to discuss good times to meet in game!

Credit to River for the creation of this system.