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The practice of shamanism of the Southern, Northern, and Foggy Swamp Tribes


Shamanism has been practiced in the Southern, Northern, and even Foggy Swamp Tribe for eons now. From the very day that the tribes were founded to this day. It’s their job to guide spiritual activity in their tribes.


This is the first rank you get in the path of shamanism. For one to become more experienced in the arts of shamanism, they must do different tasks, and have full knowledge of different plants in their respective region and the basics of Shamanism. To achieve the next role you must complete your Initiation and have all the basics knowledge of Shamanism.

  • Entry Rank
  • Required to fulfill all responsibilities
  • Must get approved by their respective Elder Shaman

After your initiation you become a Shaman, you have learned the required knowledge and now can work as a spiritual guide to the people in your tribe, they hold rituals, rites, and give offerings to the spirits.

  • Must have all the required knowledge
  • Has all the Shamanism responsibilities
  • Can guide apprentice shamans

High Shaman
This is the highest role in the shamanism path It’s also the highest authority of shamanism in each village/city, they work as a guide and instructor for the other shamans, and lead important rituals in their respective villages, apart from this they can work as advisors for the respective leader on their tribes. Only one is chosen to be the High Shaman of its village based on experience and knowledge, some villages have their own rituals and traditions to choose the next High Shaman.

  • Highest Spiritual Authority
  • Leads spiritual activity
  • One in each village/city


  • As a shaman, you must learn about poisonous, healing, and otherwise important plants in their respective tribe. They will need these plants everywhere, be it for painting, healing, or perhaps curing an illness. Alongside herbology the ones that can heal Will develop and study it.
  • A Shaman will tend to many herbs, please the spirits through meditation, and overall serve as a guide to the people of their Tribes. As a shaman, you may hold ceremonies, weddings and often help novice shamans with their masks, significant object, and herbology studies
  • When the avatar cycle starts once again is the Shamans duty to search for the avatar in their respective tribes, using different methods


Each of the tribes are different from each other, this leads to each one having different ways to do their practices, these are influenced by their environment and the culture of each.

  • Initiation After completing different tasks and learning the basics of Shamanism you will start your initiation journey which will lead you to become a full shaman.
    As your initiation, you must get yourself your own shaman’s mask which is used to blend a shaman with the spirits through their mask, they become a “spirit” themselves. and a significant object which Will help them guide the spirits you can carve these objects from any kind of wood that you prefer. After getting those, you must go on a journey on your own to your respective region’s most spiritually connected tree. They will bring their mask and object and will meditate to make a “connection” between their mask and object with their respective tree for the Southern Water Tribe and Northern Water Tribe is their respective Spirit Forest and for the Foggy Swamp the Bayaan Groove Tree. After this, you will begin your journey in Shamanism.

  • Identifying the Avatar Its the Shaman’s duty to help finding the new avatar with the guidance of the High Shaman in their respective village

  • Festival of The Winter Solstice This festival revolves around the Moon. People partake in festival activities from when the Moon rises until the Sun rises. People partake in slow dances, eat foods that came from the ocean, and it’s recently become a tradition to propose at this festival. It will be the Shamans duty to lead this festival in their respective tribes.

  • Vision Quests It’s often taken when needed from guidance from the spirits themselves, in some tribes sometimes the quest required the individual to go alone into the wilderness for several days, in order to become attuned to the spirit world.

  • Weddings

  • Funerals

To join the path of shamanism contact Swamp Shaman Yue (AndrickBarra#9856) via Discord

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