🗻 Rhea Hakaru Daichi 🗻

Age 33

Element Earth

Nation Earth Kingdom & Water Tribe

Parents Koda Daichi and Kaia Hakaru

Hometown New Southern Water Tribe Capital

Last Role Earth Kingdom General

Rhea is an adventurous, educated, and active earthbender who enjoys travelling, learning, and working for the betterment of both her home nations. She is generally level-headed and always well spoken, having been raised by a teacher and soldier. As a bender and former General, Rhea is brave, inquisitive, and a refined leader. She is kind and helpful to all those she trusts and cares for.

Rhea distrusts people from the Fire Nation and so she is hesitant when it comes to working with firebenders or citizens of the Nation. Rhea has been an overthinker from a young age and while it can inhibit trust and her personal worth, she prefers to think of it as a useful detective and defensive aid. Rhea’s curiosity and occasional blind bravery can lead her to make impulsive decisions which may get her into trouble or result in injury. However, she tries to always learn from her mistakes and improve herself, and she will do everything she can to keep her people and friends out of harm’s way.

Hobbies and Interests
Rhea enjoys exploring, learning, and training. She practices her bending almost every day, partially because she loves it, but also for the feeling that it both improves her ability to serve her nation and to be closer to her father. On her travels, Rhea enjoys learning about the politics, culture, and history of other nations. While she does not trust people from the Fire Nation, she is still curious about their ways and always eager to learn.

"It is important to draw wisdom from different places.
If you take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale.”

– Iroh

Being raised by parents from different nations, Rhea learned from a young age to appreciate the uniqueness of each. In her free time, she like to relax by swimming, reading, and using her earthbending to build, as well participating in the occassional game of Pai-Sho with a friend.

Educated, level-headed, brave

Impulsive, distrustful, insecure



Rhea was born after the 100 Year War and raised by her mother and father in the New Southern Water Tribe Capital. Her father was in the Earth Kingdom military and met her mother, a teacher and healer, while on an expedition to the Capital.

Koda was a soldier and great earthbender who served in the Earth Kingdom’s army during the 100 Year War and for many years after. He taught Rhea everything he could when he was not deployed on missions. Rhea often worried about her father when he was away. Stories about the brutality of the War and subsequent unrest in some parts of the world left her anxious for her father and angry at the perpetrators.

Kaia, as a teacher, taught Rhea everything she knew about the Nation’s history and culture, along with that of the Earth Kingdom. Rhea is very loyal and appreciative of her heritage, and loves to travel to other Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe settlements. Her mother also taught her waterbending techniques, forms, and values. These imbued Rhea with a unique style of fluid and rhythmic earthbending.

Rhea’s father died in an attack by a rebel Fire Nation organisation in the Earth Kingdom when Rhea was 14. Coupled with enduring anger and tensions of the post-War period, her father’s death provoked a surging distain for the Fire Nation. His death made Rhea resilient and reminds her to be more appreciative of the friends and family she still has.


Rhea left home to join the Earth Kingdom Military in her early 20s, following in the footsteps of her father and searching for a place she could use her skills to improve her nation. She rose through the ranks under great instruction and leadership from the Earth Kingdom’s Chancellor, Aparajita Kikoro, and General Haiwu Hanri, eventually reaching the rank of General herself. Rhea valued her years in the military as she was able to serve the Earth Kingdom well while greatly improving her skills as a bender and soldier. She enjoyed her role as both a leader and educator, however in time she grew tired of routine and ultimately left her position in search of the next thing.

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