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Pai Sho Club

Pai Sho Club members are spread throughout all four nations. All club members join to enjoy the game and chat with people from all over the world (usually over a cup of tea :tea:). They meet for friendly games of Pai Sho and occassional tournaments. Club meetings and friendly games occur through in-game roleplay, however actual games can be played online.

Some people are invited to join the club by existing members IRP, however if you would like to join the roleplay club and haven’t been invited, you can apply here by filling out the following information in a comment. If accepted, a member of the club will then contact you to organise how your character will join IRP.

Minecraft username:
Roleplay name:
Discord name:
Do you know how to play Pai Sho?
If your previous answer was no, are you willing to learn?
Why do you want to join Pai Sho Club?

Outside Roleplay
Your character doesn’t need to be a member of the roleplay Pai Sho Club for you to enjoy the game! Simply click here to start playing and ask other players if they’d like to join you in #general on Discord.

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