NPC Leadership Characters


The following is a list of NPC characters who fill vacant Chieftain, Abbot/Abbess, Mayor, and Governor positions in roleplay until the position can be taken by a real player. This is to ensure the roles are not perceived as vacant IRP and to allow a continuation of lore.

Water Tribe NPC Characters


Arenqii Lawspeaker
Name: Nuna (60)
Description: Dignified and regal with a wizened face and gentle hands. Nuna embodies traditional values while embracing change, and tirelessly advocates for equality and the power of community.
IRP: Took over as Lawspeaker when Konasi became Chief

Angniku Elder Shaman
Name: Tamashiniq Star Moonstone (39)
Description: Precious

Koaqi Chieftain
Name: Iluq (45)
Description: Tall and lean with well-defined muscles and intense gaze. Iluq is a tough and experienced Water Tribe Warrior. He is known for his stoic nature and unwavering dedication to protecting his people from enemies and harsh elements.
IRP: Chosen by Taio to take over before he left to travel to the NWT

Heagga Chieftain
Name: Ailo (55)
Description: A tall woman with long flowing hair and gentle features. Ailo is a wise and respected leader, known for her spiritual insight and herbal knowledge. She is compassionate and nurturing, and works to ensure that her people are cared for and their needs are met.
IRP: Took over after Akna stepped down due to [?]

Yutu Chieftain
Name: Atana (35)
Description: Atana is skilled hunter and teacher who values the natural world and emphasizes patience, perseverance, and cooperation in leading the prosperous Yutu clan.
IRP: Chosen to replace Kaya?

Earth Kingdom NPC Characters

EK Mayors

Misty Palms Oasis
Name: Zhi Rhou (57)
Description: A proud and principled politician, Zhi Rhou has been Mayor of Misty Palms Oasis for many years. He is known for his fairness and honesty and is a good listener, however he can be stubborn and hold grudges.

Kyoshi Island
Name: Mi-Yung (?)

Mining Village (Saiko)
Name: Nanqi (46)
Description: Mayor of Saiko Village, wise and compassionate leader who cares deeply about her people. Can be indecisive and struggles with making tough choices.

Plains Village
Name: Yintao (55)
Description: Yintao is the long-serving but ineffective Mayor of the impoverished Plains Village. He is indecisive and avoids confrontation, which has led to frustration among the people who are living in poor conditions.

Senlin Village
Name: Xiya (42)
Description: Mayor of Senlin Village. A strict but fair leader who commands respect from her constituents. However, she can sometimes be too inflexible and resistant to change.

Name: Hiroshi (62)
Description: Hiroshi is a reserved and traditional leader who has become less engaged in recent years. He is respected for his past accomplishments, but some citizens find him distant and inflexible in his decision-making.

Name: Guiffei Mingzhu (65)
Description: Jehung’s mayor, Guiffei Mingzhu, is a wealthy and powerful woman who is strict and sometimes can be perceived as rude. However, she is fiercely protective of her town and demands respect and obedience from those around her.

Name: Makoto (65)
Description: Kind and diplomatic, Makoto has served as the mayor of Gaipan for many years. He values the wellbeing of his citizens and strives to maintain a peaceful coexistence between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom cultures in the town.

Name: Hyeong (50)
Description: Stern but fair, committed to the well-being of the village who takes pride in his town’s mining industry, has a no-nonsense attitude, respected by the villagers.

Fire Nation NPC Characters

Caldera Governor
Name: Mei-Ling (61)
Description: An elegant woman with sharp features and piercing eyes. Intelligent and skilled in the art of politics, with a deep sense of loyalty to the Fire Nation. However, can be ruthless when she perceives a threat to her power.

Ember Island Governor
Name: Ren (53)
Description: A savvy businessman who has transformed the island into a popular tourist destination. However, he can be selfish and puts his own interests above the needs of his constituents.

Jang Hui Governor
Name: Asa (35)
Description: Petite with curly hair and bright eyes. Asa enjoys rock climbing, is creative, patient, and meticulous. She is a skilled climber and a creative problem solver. However, she can be overly meticulous and often gets lost in the details.

Hama’s Governor
Name: Shani (46)
Description: Towering and imposing, with a strong build and a fierce gaze, exuding power and command… Has a sharp mind, leads with authority and determination, but lacks compassion in her decision-making.

Fire Nation School Island Governor
Name: Taozhi (47)
Description: Stocky yet agile with a warm smile and friendly demeanor. Possesses a sharp mind and a talent for bringing people together, but can be overly trusting at times. Leads with a focus on community building and fostering strong relationships, but may struggle to make tough decisions when necessary.

Name: Riko (44)
Description: Light-footed and graceful with a quick wit… A skilled performer, able to captivate his audience with ease. Leads with a focus on fostering creativity and the arts, but can be overly indulgent and disregard practical concerns.

Air Collective NPC Characters

Abbot of the Southern Air Temple:

  • Name: Tseyang
  • Monk 1: Arjun
  • Monk 2: Yonden

Abbess of the Western Air Temple:

  • Name: Elu
  • Nun 1: Kaveri
  • Nun 2: Tashi

Abbess of the Eastern Air Temple:

  • Name: Kelsang
  • Nun 1: Padma
  • Nun 2: Tala

Mayor of the Air Nation/Earth Kingdom Village Gyantse:

  • Name: Sachi
  • Resident 1: Sonam
  • Resident 2: Usha

Each NPC character profile has been generated with the help of AI, @Lego and @AndrickBarra.

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