Mining Information



Smith level required to craft items from ore

Bronze Iron Silver Steel Gold Mithril Adamant Meteorite
Ingots 1 15 20 30 40 50 70 85
Shovel 1 15 30 50 70 85
Pickaxe 5 20 35 55 75 90
Axe 5 20 35 55 75 90
Hook 3 25 45


Crafting level required to cut gems

Gem type Opal Jade Peridot Topaz Garnet Sapphire Emerald Ruby Amythest Diamond
Crafter level 1 15 20 30 35 40 50 60 70 85


Mining level required to find different ores

Ore Copper Tin Coal Iron Silver Gold Mithril Adamant Meteorite
Mining level 1 1 10 15 25 40 50 70 85


High and low level miners in the community help each other level up. New miners may know that you can sell uncut gems to the miner at the blacksmith, however many players will pay double the miner price if you sell to them instead.

There are two main ways to trade gems.
- Trade uncut gems for yuans (double what the miner pays)
- Trade uncut gems that you can’t cut for an XP equivalent amount of gems you can cut.

This Google sheet can be used to calculate either of these trading methods. You will need to make a copy of it to use yourself. Make sure to only change the green boxes.

Note: Players who want a particular gem may pay much more. Also, although the XP conversion means 10 opals is worth 1 ruby, someone who needs opals but has lots of rubies may offer to trade for more.

Originally made by AngelAmadeus#6810 and Lego#8671

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