Khalis Abraxii-Hanri

IGN - Endermenparty

RP Name - Khalis Abraxii-Hanri

Age - 39

Birthday - Unknown

Zodiac - Badgermole

Nation - Earth Kingdom

Bender - Earthbender

Hometown - Kyoshi Island

Current Residence - Misty Palms Oasis

Parents - Jingyi Hanri, Zariff Abraxii

Siblings - Jinhai Hanri

Pet - Halawir(Messenger Hawk)


Height: 6’4

Hair: Dark Brown, but has a buzz cut a majority of the time.

Eyes: Green

Body Type: Mesomorph

Complexion and Distinctive Marks: Darker skinned complexion, Tattoos on right forearm

Clothes: Khal typically wears loose layered fabrics, as typically found on desert dwellers.



Khal is an extremely kind and polite man. He always tries to greet people he meets with the utmost respect. Sometimes he can act too quiet but overall he loves being around people. He is extremely protective of the people he cares about and tries to do whatever he can to protect them. While he is friendly to most common people, when it comes to criminals or thugs he has zero patience. He almost always tries to look at things optimistically. It is hard for him to forgive someone.


Sword Fighting: Growing up the son of a desert fighter and a Kyoshi warrior created an environment where his skill for combat thrived. He would spend time training in both of his parents combat styles and because of it has grown to be a formidable warrior.

Sandbending: Being the eldest son, Khal’s father tried to train him in various skills for the desert. A reflection of his father’s harsh demeanor, the trainings were brutal and at times bordered abusive. Training on the beaches of Kyoshi with his father for hours at a time, Khal has become a very skilled sandbender, having a preference for it over normal earthbending.


Restlessness: Khalis always had a problem sitting still while growing up. He would be scolded constantly by his parents and grandmother for not being able to sit through indoor lessons and stay quiet for longer than a few minutes. He would get easily distracted by random things and relentlessly ry to get out of stationary activities. His appetite for action causes him to run into situations without thinking fully.



Khal’s father was a travelling warrior from the Desert named Zariff. Upon entering the village he was questioned by Jingyi due to his odd appearance. Him and Jingyi bonded over their similarities and grew incredibly close. Zariff decided to stay in the village with her, after a few months Jingyi gave birth to Khal. Due to a respect for equality in his culture, Zariff decided for Khal to have both of his parent’s names. Zariff ended up staying in Kyoshi with them. A few years later Jingyi gave birth to his younger brother Jinhai. Khal’s father favored Khal, ignoring his youngest son, Zariff trained solely Khal in the ways of the desert, unfairly treating Jinhai as inferior to Khalis. Most likely an effect of his youthful ignorance, Khal never realized the disparity in fatherly love. Khal grew up being trained in the fighting styles of both his parents. He and his father would take frequent trips to the desert so that Khal could learn more of his Father’s culture, often leaving his brother behind in Kyoshi. Although Khal adopted most of his fighting style from his father, he kept some important methods from his Mother. Khal is now 27 and having been trained in combat from his mother and father naturally became a warrior. He has a permanent residence in Kyoshi but travels along the coast of the Earth Kingdom frequently performing the duty that his father left behind.