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Art by Sasspai
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Name: Ju Hanri
Age: 35
Gender Male
Nationality: Earth Kingdom
Hometown: Kyoshi Village
Current residence: Ba Sing Se // Jehung
Parents: Zhulin Hao Hanri | Mother - Hwan Choi | Father
Pets: Wasabi | Elbow leech
Siblings: Honu Hanri | Brother
Profession: Ramen Chef // Sculptor

• ┈ (งಠヮಠ)ง ┈ • ┈ ᕙ( •̀ ᗜ •́ )ᕗ ┈ • ┈ ৻(๑•o•́๑৻) ┈ •

Ju’s Characteristics
To anyone besides his family and closest friends, Ju is a more reserved and impatient man. However in recent years Ju’s hard shell of an attitude has softened. The once nearly impenetrable wall to his heart has become more of a line of several doors each adorned with a lock and key. Now that may not seem like it’s any easier to enter but the keys needed are simpler things like being a loyal customer, specifically one that’s not irksome and irritating. Similarly to the behaviors of his mother, he is stubborn, cunning, and values his family greatly. On top of all of that, he is also an amazing chef whose delicious ramen distracts you from his resting, scary aura

• Ju began training at a very young age, and over his lifetime has accumulated a large mass of muscle and bending skill that he is able to utilize.
• When it comes to cooking Ju has got you covered. Ju has the ability to quell any angry beast that lies within a stomach with a taste of his yummy ramen.
• Despite his size and intense demeanor, Ju is actually very detail oriented and prides himself on his precision when it comes to sculpting a wide variety of objects, from ceramics to serve food, to the earth he bends in combat.


• Ju deep down on the inside is a coward. He masks it as best he can, but he lives in a constant fear of hurting the ones he loves due to an incident in the past.
• Ju is stubborn, ruthless, and relentless and has a high neuroticism. If anyone he loves or cares about gets hurt he doesn’t hold back when retaliating. This can lead him to lose his temper, which in turn can even lead him to further hurting the people he is attempting to protect. Over the past several years with the help of his cousin Haiwu, he has been focusing on containing his anger and controlling it.
• Acceptance can be a hard thing to earn from Ju. He was raised by a rather conservative woman so he struggles to look past these views and see people for who they truly are instead of who he was conditioned to believe they are. When it comes to his family, his love for them helps him push past the labels, but it is still no easy feat.
• Family is a very important aspect of Ju’s life and ideals, he is willing to do anything for the sake of his family but that can lead him to doing irrational things that can have negative effects.

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Hair Ju’s hair is typically very dark brown, nearly black. Though, after getting wasted he shaved it all off. The buzzed style ‘grew’ on him and he shaves it regularly.

Body Ju is extremely muscular and well built. He currently stands at 6’2. His skin is a nice tan.

Eyes Ju’s eyes are a dark green and the shape of them is very small and slim.

Clothing Ju wears clothes stretching from cheap, poor clothes to noble gold adorned clothes. He prefers more tight fitting shirts, with looser fitting pants, as well as he enjoys metal accessories and accents. When he works he wears a towel around his head and an apron.

Accesories Two silver earrings pierce his ears. He carries a towel on his waistband when it’s not around his head.

• ┈ (งಠヮಠ)ง ┈ • ┈ ᕙ( •̀ ᗜ •́ )ᕗ ┈ • ┈ ৻(๑•o•́๑৻) ┈ •


Ju’s mother Zhulin Hao fell in love in the military with a man named Hwan. Around the age of 28, in the month of August, Zhulin became pregnant with Ju. After she foundout and told Hwan he got upset and cowardy, knowing on the inside that he couldn’t raise a son, he left Zhulin for awhile before feeling morally wrong and came back 3 years later. The pregnancy was horrible on Zhulin’s body that not long after she gave birth to Ju her kneees gave out. When she saw the size of her baby she knew immediately the name of her son that being, Ju, meaning enormous.

Ju was raised by his mother alone for most of his life. 3 years after he was born his father returned, though his memories of his father are very few. 2 years after that Zhulin had given birth to his younger brother Honu. After 5 months in of the pregnancy Zhulin finally realized she was pregnant.His brother had been so tiny and scrawny she hadn’t even realized she was pregnant. After telling Hwan he left again, never to return. Around the age of 8 he asked his mother to start training him so that he could protect her from anyone who tried to harm her. He knew that his mom’s knees were weak so he wanted to become strong to protect her. He trained with his mom up to the age of 18 when Ju decided to join the military. Ju served for 6 years. During those 6 years he fell in love with another soldier. She and him fought side by side. Until she was killed in battle. Ju watched the event happen with his very eyes, leaving him traumatized. From this moment on Ju had become a coward and left the military out of fear of a similar event reoccurring with someone else he loved. He stopped making close connections with people besides his family and shut himself in. All of this was an attempt to minimize the amount of people he felt he needed to protect. However he knew that this was because he didn’t believe he had the strength to protect anyone anymore. He begged that his mother train him more so he would never have to witness death of his loved ones ever again. Zhulin wasn’t pleased with her coward of a son but agreed to train Ju. Though he was told he had to live on his own and make his own living.

Ju purchased a shop in Jehung and transformed it into a ramen stand. Utilizing his inherited cooking skills from his mother, his exquisite ramen lead him to a booming success. The creation of the stand allowed Ju to reconnect with his local family. His cousin Haiwu, whom he’d been best friends with since he was younger, offered to train him, and assist him in regaining his footing in being a strong individual again. From this he was able to start moving from his past and reinvent himself as someone with greater control over his anger. Ju now mans a larger shop in Ba Sing Se where he has a small team of chefs and waiters that assist him on the daily. While it’s been interesting to work with other people besides his family or the military, Ju feels as though it’s time to get back out in the world and once again reconnect with his family.