Introduction | Taio


Name - Taio
Age - 34
Nation - Water Tribe
Element - Water
Parents - Unknown
Siblings - Unknown
Hometown - NWT
Pets - Raidon, wolf
Art by Lesly

------------------------- Appearance
Dark brown with shaved sides, always kept up in a warrior’s wolf tail

Light blue/grey

Taio stands at 6’2 and is fit and muscular due to the demands of being a Koaqi Warrior. Since becoming a member of the Koalkoaq Clan he has accumulated numerous tattoos and scars

When not in Eskele, Taio can be seen in his Chieftain’s robes, looking presentable and civilised. When at home in Eskele or fighting and hunting he will wear traditional Koaqi armour and often no shirt as a sign of strength in the frozen climate

As Chieftain of the Koaqi, Taio’s aim is to protect his people and help Eskele to thrive. He wants to uphold the laws of the South and see justice served to anyone who would harm his people or those he cares about.

Hobbies and Interests
Taio’s hobbies include, and are limited to, fighting, forgery and sailing. He loves the freedom and adrenaline that each offers, and each is associated with a particular time in his life. He loves being a bender and is most comfortable around water. He also enjoys venturing into the mountains to hunt or get away from people with his wolf Raidon.

Determined, Fearless, Loyal

Stubborn, Ruthless, Antisocial

Art by Johanna The Mad
Taio has always been quiet but determined. He will persevere through anything to achieve something, whether it’s an assigned task or personal goal, Taio will get it done. He is consistently calm and never loses his temper. Taio is a fearless warrior who knows his own strength and has no need to be obnoxious or aggressive about it. He rarely makes rash decisions, instead thinking and planning things through, relying on acquired knowledge and Koaqi instinct. This however makes him incredibly stubborn should anyone question his methods or actions. If a situation of self defence, duel or protection of someone he cares about presents itself, Taio is capable and willing to kill if necessary, a negative trait, depending on who you ask.

Taio doesn’t often speak to strangers unless it is required of him. While he prefers to be the observer of conversation, when he does speak it is with purpose and thought. Taio’s quiet nature inadvertently makes him very secretive. Additionally his callousness means he is often disliked by people on first impression. Formal settings suit him but he doesn’t fare well in social situations as Taio only talks openly with those he trusts. Earning Taio’s trust is a challenge and rare success however once you have it he will remain fiercely loyal and protective.


Taio was born in the Northern Water Tribe in 97 AG, 3 years before the end of the 100 year war and at the height of world tensions. He was an unwanted baby, born during the troubles of the war and was given up to an orphanage with nothing but a first name, or so he has always been told. Taio has never known anything about his parents or what became of them after he was given up.

Taio by TaeArt by Sasspai When he was 8, Taio was taken in by a weaponsmith and musician, Kenji. Kenji was in his 40s; a fit and skilled man who could always be found in the smithy, either hammering away at some weapon or sitting in the corner playing an instrument.
For years Taio lived a good and humble life with Kenji in the Northern Water Tribe. He was well educated and was able to learn waterbending. Kenji taught Taio how to forge weapons and use a spear. Although they were not wealthy, Kenji and Taio were happy and grew very close. The pair trained together with bending and weapons often for hours each evening. Blacksmith
---------------------- Teen years
Ocean When Taio was 14 he joined the water tribe warriors, as was expected of young men. With them, Taio learned about planning, strategy and diplomacy between nations. He was taught how to sail and use his bending for combat and was able to improve his skills with the spear. Taio’s training and expeditions kept him away from home a lot. Although he missed Kenji, he enjoyed every aspect of being a warrior in the tribes.
Soon after he turned 16 Taio returned home from a month long expedition. He went to Kenji’s house and was met with an Elder who informed him that Kenji had been killed. Taio had lost the only person he cared about and was left completely broken. Unable to stay, he left the Northern Water Tribe immediately. Viking Ship
After over a year of harsh travel, Taio reached the Southern Water Tribe, the furthest possible place from the North. He arrived in a village called Eskele, which he soon found out was home to the revered Koalkoaq. He approached their Chieftain, seeking to join and train with the clan. The Koalkoaq accepted Taio and he began his ruthless training with them at age 17.
Adulthood --------------------------
The Koalkoaq took a broken but determined young man and built him up as a highly skilled and deadly warrior. Taio was trained hard every day. The conditions were harsh and the masters even more so. Taio trained with the Koalkoaq for almost a year before taking the Ikaik when he was 18. He passed, successfully killing a Koalkoaq born in his combat trial, not without a few scars as proof. Taio had become a fully fledged Koalkoaqi. He stayed with the Koalkoaq Clan for another 8 years, mastering his skills and working alongside his fellow clansmen. download20220902214018__2_-removebg-preview

When he was 27, Taio left Eskele and went to the Southern Water Tribe Capital where he became Chief Kilaa’s advisor. Taio learned a lot with Kilaa and grew to trust and care for her and her son, Kauri.

After almost a year as Advisor, Taio returned to Eskele for Challenging Day where he challenged and defeated Chieftain Maniitok, becoming the new Chieftain of Eskele.

[127 AG]
Another Challenging Day passed and Taio won the duel and retained his position as Chieftain of the Koalkoaq.

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