Introduction | Renoh Yamsoon-han

Name (ign/character):

Sueps | Renoh




Earth Kingdom


Renoh has shoulder-length taupe-brown hair that he keeps in a topknot, as is common among Earth Kingdom men. He has olive skin and hazel eyes. (super earth kingdom core :unicorn:) He likes to wear long green robes, and dangly gold earrings that were gifted to him by his parents. He keeps his topknot in place with one of those circular hairpieces.


Upper Ring, Ba Sing Se

Current Residence:

Upper Ring, Ba Sing Se


Mother: Shiya Yamsoon-han (Formerly Shiya Feishuong)

Father: Lano Yamsoon-han

Personality and Traits:

Strengths: Renoh is a driven and idealistic person. In other words, he leads his life in an “eyes on the prize” mentality. He derives his inner strength from spirituality, believing that the only true obstacle in his life would be a lack of faith in himself-- something that people believe is impossible due to his prideful demeanor. While sometimes seeming like a hippie, Renoh is generally intelligent and has an acute ability to make puns.

Weaknesses: Renoh is sometimes a bit too stubborn for his own good. His insistence on pushing through any resistance he meets has made some view him as somewhat difficult to work with. He means well, but sometimes comes across as vain due to his confident energy. One of his biggest weaknesses is physical, due to the early onset of his arthritis. Therefore, he gave up on being a master Earthbender. While he still lightly practices his bending for fun, he knows trying to take his training any further would be bad for him.


Renoh was born in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se in 110 AG to Lano and Shiya Yamsoon-han. Past generations of the Yamsoon-han family had a problem raising their children in a privileged bubble, so Shiya, having grown up in the Lower Ring, wanted to expose her and Lano’s son to all kinds of people. When Renoh turned 10, Shiya decided to send Renoh off with Lano to supply her restaurant in the upper ring with all sorts of exotic food options. At first, these expeditions started off small, meeting deliverymen in the middle ring to pick up imported foods, or traveling to the farmland outside the lower ring to import vegetables. As Renoh grew, his interest in all different types of people did as well. Unfortunately, his arthritis started causing problems when he was 17. He wasn’t able to help as much with supplying his mothers restaurant, a job which he had grown to love. When he turned 18, he took a trip to the Eastern Air Temple, where he learned to find meaning in his struggles and grow his spirit from them. During his stay, he read books that piqued his interest about all different kinds of cultures around the world. He studied all four bending disciplines, and tried food from all around the world. After returning home, Renoh started dabbling in politics, and believed that the Yamsoon-han’s family long history and reputation in the Earth Kingdom gave him a valid claim to the Earth Kingdom throne. To this day, he dreams of transforming Ba Sing Se from a rigid caste system to a beacon of Earth Kingdom culture.