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RP Name

✿ Lydian So ✿


✿ 42 ✿


✿ Earth Kingdom ✿


✿ Plains Village ✿

Current Residence

✿ Gaoling ✿


✿ Jeweler ✿


(Art made by Tyshea on DevianArt)

Height Lydian stands at 5’6.

Hair Lydian has silver hair kept at short. She styles it in a bun and compliments it with an expensive head-dress of the Earth Kingdom and a polar bear dog fur coat.

Eyes Lydian has golden-orange eyes.

Body Type Lydian has a slender and curvacious body figure.

Skin Tone Lydian has a dark brown skin complexion which is very complementary to her silver hair


Lydian is a woman who is of an upper echelon. She is an intelligent lady, who is very serious about her business. Lydian can be perceived as a cold person, She doesn’t seem to feel an attachment to anyone besides herself and the money. Besides this for the eye of the general public and her actions, she seems kind and generous but some may describe Lydian as a mysterious woman…



Lydian So was born during the 100-year war. She was born in Plains Village, Her mother was banished from her family for doing an unforgivable crime towards her family, this crime was never mentioned by her mother so for Lydian it was unknown she even had a family, after this her mother went to Gaoling where She sought refuge but only saw how the influence of her family made the people of Gaoling turn their backs on her, without money or anywhere to go she ended up in Plains Village where she met Lydian’s father, a miner who always worked overtime to get his daily bread, in this city Lydian’s mom fell in love with that miner and from this result Lydian a girl who did not have an easy life but who knew that surrender was not an option.

Lydian’s mother just like her father worked nonstop, as she always had someone to do things for her when she was with her family so this resulted in her never caring to learn anything but she was a lover of jewelry, looking to make some money she started to see how her husband brought so many gemstones from the mines and started to remember different designs from her old jewelry at Ba Sing Se, this brought her an idea she started selling the gemstones that her husband collected and making them into different types of jewelry. Lydian had a really hard childhood full of poverty and abuse, despite this Lydian was happy with her family she would always look for them and would always go and help her mom selling the jewels, many knew that the mines weren’t in the best conditions but the owner of the mines a rich man from Gaoling kept saying their workers to do their job or they would get fire, Lydian’s dad knew this but he had a family to feed so he would continue working beside this conditions, of course, this ends up on an accident that costed Lydian’s dad life, which marked Lydian for life.

Lydian was just a kid at the time but at that moment she noticed how cruel it could be in the world and that if she wanted to prosper she had to look only for herself and her mother.

Lydian would continue working with her mother but her mother would start getting older and older at some point Lydian was the only one in the business using the money to help her mother this made her get obsessed with gaining more and more money no matter the ways, after some years Lydian mother died which left her completely alone before dying Lydian’s mother revealed her past and how she was left to rot in Plains Village apart of this she gave her an emerald ring that Lydian always wears, this ring was an antique from Lydian’s mother’s family.

Lydian didn’t give up she would continue expanding the business of jewels, at the age of 22 she would open her proper shop at the mines called Shigeko which was the name of her mother. She used to visit the town of Gaoling frequently to sell her jewels to the rich people of the town, eventually, her business became very popular, and opened her first shop in Gaoling despite hating the city. In this city Lydian had an adventure with a man she meet, she thought she had finally found love but when she noticed she was pregnant, the man left Lydian to raise their child alone.

Lydian would continue expanding her business, she would start looking for cheaper prices for gemstones and other sorts of materials this would make her involved with the Black Market that resides in the Si Wong Desert of course this wasn’t known by the authorities, as she got more involved with the Black Market she would start gaining an unusual taste for exotic items such as Polar Bear Coats or Bison meat.

Lydian was a busy woman she couldn’t be with her daughter all the time so she would give her anything she wanted to compensate for the lack of attention she gave her, Lydian always tried to involve her daughter in the business since she believed she would be the next in command, besides this Lydian was a very controller person so she wouldn’t let Sui go on her own with the business, as Sui grew up Lydian would start revealing more secrets to her child, Lydian never directly told Sui she was involved with the black market but Sui knew Lydian was in shady things.

Lydian opened bigger jewelry at Gaoling her name would start to be known not just in Gaoling but in other cities too, this would end up making Sonada Company hear from her they would reach her and make a deal with her making her one of their business partners.

Nowadays Lydian is still involved in Sonada and has become a well-known person on the black market and a big influence at Gaoling and Plains Village. She has started to reach smaller businesses around the Kingdom to invest in them and even lend money to the ones who need it, but this isn’t for free, if they can’t pay with money they could pay with loyalty. No one knows Lydian’s real plans except herself but a fact is for sure that she will only look for herself.

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