Introduction | Jinn a.k.a. "Rusty"



IGN: Zhozhou

RP name: Jinn “Rusty” (he/him)

Age: 65

Nation: Fire Nation

Hometown: Jang Hui

Current residence: Anywhere the crew takes him.

Parents: Orphan

Pets: A scruffy-looking fire ferret

Siblings: Captain Lanayi, unofficial granddaughter

Profession: The Black Sirens Crew’s Cook

Young Jinn prided himself to be in great shape—nothing could stop him! In those days he went by the nickname “Speedy”, but as many years passed, he became known as “Rusty”, since he could no longer tie his shoelaces without making old-people noises.

As Jinn became older, he developed a new passion: cooking. He is now the main crew cook in The Black Sirens. One word of advice: if you get on his bad side, stay clear of his blowfish sushi.