Introduction | Jinhai Hanri

[IGN] Khalasar

[RP Name] Jinhai Hanri

[Age] 18

[Nation] Earth Kingdom

[Hometown] Kyoshi Village

[Current Residence] Gaoling

[Parents] Jingyi Hanri and Zariff Abraxii

[Siblings] Khalis Hanri

[Pets] Heibau (Pentapus)


Personality: Being Redone!


A few years after his elder brother Khal was born, Jinhai’s mother, Jingyi, gave birth to Jinhai on Kyoshi Island. Jinhai grew up with culture presented from all directions. He had many role models to look off of like his mother and the kyoshi warriors. Jinhai’s father, Zariff, wasn’t that close to him in his childhood. In fact, he was quite distant. Jinhai watched his brother and father train in the back from the window sometimes. As a child, he didn’t feel much about it, maybe slightly neglected. Having distant male role-models, Jinhai is insecure about his masculinity. He was very close to his mother and learned to cook with her in the kitchen. When Jinhai attended school in Kyoshi he became quite talkative. He was a bit shy with new people but in school he’d grow lasting relationships. He was able to reveal and practice his cheerful and optimistic personality. His peers called him silly and funny and he’d always have a few people around him. He’d make friends with everyone: the teachers, the kitchen-aids, the nurse. He stayed a few minutes after classes to ask them questions or listen to their stories. Speaking about school, it was Jinhai’s favorite place to climb. With flexible limbs, Jinhai climbed the looming trees around the school. When he’d reach a long branch, he walked across it steadily, looking down never scared him. He did cartwheels in the courtyard which he learned by watching the Kyoshi Warriors. When Jinhai turned 18, he ventured to Omashu, where he met a businessman who ran a restaurant called “Ember Days.” It was a booming restaurant franchise in the Fire Nation and they’d been looking to move to the Earth Kingdom, coincidentally, Kyoshi! Like a dream-come-true, Jinhai shook hands with the men and made plans to construct a cafe restaurant in Matsu. Although he loved to put his cooking skills to use in the restaurant, Jinhai eventually left the establishment as it just wasn’t for him, seeing the rest of his family so high and mighty among the elite of society. Since then Jinhai turned to join the Kyoshi Warriors instead where he could put his combat skills to use and prove himself otherwise and he had also enlisted in the army as an officer at Fort Bosco. Now, Jinhai seeks his place in the world, travelling, learning to fight, and finding new opportunities.

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