Introduction | Guoshan

Name: Guoshan
Age: 18
Pronouns: He/Him
Bending: Earth
Parents: Unkown

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Head | Black hair pulled into a ponytail, brown eyes.
Body | Tall and fit, with brown skin.
Apparel: He can usually be seen wearing green robes, with green leather covering the main torso.

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✦ Very Charismatic, as he needed to talk his way out of many situations
✦ Hard working, due to not having any money.
✦ Can navigate the streets as well as knowing the ins and outs

✦ Has a lot of impatience due to being young

✦Has abandonment issues

✦ Has a tendency to be reckless with certain situations

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Guoshan was born in the city of Ba Sing Se, the great capital of the Earth Kingdom, during a time of peace and prosperity. Unfortunately, his parents, who were skilled Earthbenders, were taken from him at a young age due to an unexpected illness that spread through the city. As an orphan, Guoshan was left to fend for himself in the bustling metropolis.

Despite his difficult circumstances, Guoshan possessed a fiery spirit and an unyielding determination. He refused to become just another face lost in the crowds of Ba Sing Se. He learned to navigate the city’s intricate streets and neighborhoods, relying on his keen senses and quick reflexes to survive. Guoshan discovered hidden alleyways, secret hideouts, and obscure places where he could find food and shelter.

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