Introduction | Genji

|==================|GENJI |===================|

Hello there folks!

|================| Information |================|


Fire Nation / Earth Kingdom

Ba Sing Se

Current residence:
Fire Nation Capital

Esun from the Earth Kingdom (The father and a non-bender), Sunga from the Fire Nation
(The mother and a non-bender) A firebender killed both.



Retired criminal, with no profession as of now.

Genji wears a black/grey outfit with little red accents, rolled-up sleeves, a hood, and black gloves. He has dark hair, light
brown eyes, pale skin, and a muscular figure.

|===============| Personality |================|

Personality, and traits:
Genji is known for his austere and gloomy manner. He tends to be distant and apathetic, yet he is also capable of showing true tenderness and a protective attitude. Because of his experience living on the streets and striving to make ends meet by which he had to assume adult duties at a young age, he has a propensity for controlling and criticizing behavior.
After his parents passed away, Genji was prepared to do whatever it took to survive the harsh conditions of the bottom ring in Ba Sing Se, including resorting to scamming. Genji consistently prioritizes his own safety and survival over all
other considerations. He has a “hard edge” due to living on the streets; he doesn’t readily trust others and is constantly on the lookout for danger. Along with his tough exterior, Genji also has a wrathful side, and he has the power to injure or kill anybody who wrongs him or his companions. He has always demonstrated a strong commitment to his work or a cause, and he hopes to put his troubled past behind him even though he will never neglect his past since he believes he has to in order to survive.

For his strength(s):
Genji is incredibly brave and unstoppable in his efforts to support his comrades and
friends. Genji has tremendous proficiency in the field of fire bending,
employing a cutting-edge battle strategy that he created in order to survive.
He can produce a sleek dagger for intimidation and other purposes,
demonstrating both his exquisite control and enormous sheer fire-bending
strength. Genji is skilled in bare-handed, close-quarters combat, and can
effectively perform a shoulder throw. He also has impressive agility, meaning that
he is capable of both lengthy jumps and flips, making him tough to strike from
a distance. In addition to his combat prowess, he is a devoted friend who never
abandons those who are in need and knows when to make the right calls.

Due to his trust concerns, Genji occasionally begins
to act independently without considering the repercussions. Genji is frequently
unable to make up his mind, but once he sets his mind to anything, he is
incredibly stubborn. He occasionally loses control of his fury, which
interferes with his capacity for reason. Additionally, he has a hard time being
sensitive to other people, which makes him rather direct.

|================|Backstory |=================|

Spoiler: Genji’s life

The Earth Kingdom-born father and the Fire
Nation-born mother were non-benders who gave birth to and reared Genji in the
lowest ring of Ba Sing Se. In the Earth Kingdom, where the mother was
attempting to flee the battle, Genji’s parents crossed paths as travelers. Due
to the numerous wonderful tales they had heard, the city’s reputation as the
safest in the world, and its supposedly impenetrable walls, they had made the
decision to settle in Ba Sing Se. Additionally, they would do anything to
safeguard their unborn kid because Sunga was on the verge of giving birth.

They had very meager lives at the time
Genji was born, often going for entire days without food.
They never anticipated life in Ba Sing Se to be so awful, but the family managed to stick together
since love was the only thing that was stronger. When Genji became 8 years old,
his father was given the opportunity to accept a position in the middle ring,
where he would also be able to reside. When hope seemed to be gone, everything
turned around, which was wonderful news for the family. Unfortunately,
everything went in the wrong direction. Since their neighborhood had heard of
their transfer, rumors began to circulate, prompting the question: “Home
come these folks already got to move up a ring and we’ve been stuck in the same
ring for 12 years?!?” Many others believed they threatened or even paid
the middle ring participants in exchange for a job. Of course, this was untrue,
but after so many years of stifling society, people lost all hope and lost
their ability to reason. This led to an awful “accident.” In the
bottom ring of Ba Sing Se one evening, the family went out for their final meal
when suddenly a mob surrounded them. They began to yell, “How did you do
it?!? Why did you advance when we didn’t?” In response, Genji’s mother
says, “Esun got a job offer and we couldn’t turn it down.” At that
point, they all began shouting, “Liar!” It all went black as Sunga,
Genji’s mother began sobbing alongside him as Genji began to weep. A wave of
fire was directed towards the family by a firebender among the crowd. Sunga and
Esun were slain while keeping their bodies over Genji to shield him.

After being abandoned on the streets, Genji
made the decision to return to his home in the hopes of staying safe. But a new
family had already moved in when the authorities learned what had transpired.
He had nowhere to go and was now truly alone. When he realized he was a
firebender, it was because he reasoned that he needed to be able to protect
himself. He began to educate himself, but there were no teachers or directions,
so it was exceedingly challenging. Although it was challenging, he was
incredibly determined and picked up the skills quite fast. He was out for
retribution now that he could defend himself. He started seeking the
murderer but he was nowhere to be found. Even though it affected him, he chose
to move on and concentrate on the future.

A few years later, he spotted other kids
his age scamming while he was begging on the streets. He approached them and
told them it wasn’t right, but as soon as he saw the number of coins they had
taken, he instantly changed his mind. When he asked to join, the organization
agreed to have him. Genji believed that using his firebending would be an even
simpler method to obtain money as the gang continued to conduct increasingly
elaborate frauds. In addition to his fraud, he started using threats to coerce
others into giving him cash. He knew this wasn’t ethical, but he had little
choice if he wanted to survive. After all, in the cities, it’s either you
hustle or you get hustled. Since no one had been there to grieve his loss when
his parents passed away and left him on his own, he didn’t really feel much
sympathy for the individuals he conned.

After a few months, the gang in Ba Sing Se
became well-known, and criminal groups began contacting them about joining.
They began promising them 10 times as much money, but for different
occupations. Genji had his doubts even though the rest of the group approved of
the concept. He continued by inquiring about the kind of jobs they had to
perform. Of course, the organization’s leader lied to him in an effort to win
over his principles. He continued to be unconvinced and began to inquire about
the duties that the organization’s members were performing. The majority of
them seemed obedient until he noticed a member who was really timid and uneasy.
Knowing what the organization does to traitors, he refused to speak when Genji
approached him. For the first time, he had some type of empathy, but it was
swiftly replaced by anger. He continued intimidating the man, and ultimately,
the man gave in and revealed the secrets. Genji was appalled to learn about the
types of work they would be doing. He finally made the decision to put his past
behind him at this pivotal moment in his life. Recognizing the danger and moral
uncertainty of his history, Genji departed Ba Sing Se. He was resolved never to
go back to that life. He paid one final visit to his former home before turning
his back on it.

He had finally reached his destination—the
capital of The Fire Nation, the land where his mother was born—
after a protracted journey. He made a self-promise to never go back to his former life
and to forget everything that had transpired in the past. He is not embarrassed
by his history, though, since he feels that it was necessary for him to do it in
order to survive. He is beginning a new chapter in his life, one in which
chances are present every day. He’s desired to make a difference and stop
struggling for survival. Maybe he will even enlist in the military or police?