Introduction | Choden Tiyujan

Choden Tiyujan

[ Name ] Choden

[ Last Name ] Tiyujan

[ IGN ] MinecraftAvatar1

[ Nickname ] Mav

[ Nation ] Air Collective

[ Hometown ] Ba Sing Se

[ Residence ] Eastern Air Temple

[ Age ] 27

[ Profession ] Architect

[ Hobbies ] Painting, Writing , Playing the flute.


Choden is an air bender that was born in the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se. He is generally calm and quite, doesn’t like to socialize and prefers to be alone with his drafts. Choden grew up in Earth Kingdom culture but he embraced the Air Nomad Culture. He has quite a lot of knowledge in history, architecture and geography, as well as quite handy with construction tools, a skill he learned from his father.


Choden’s strength is in his creativity and his artistic eye. He is usually calm and listens to others, but would be angry if someone keeps turning him down.
Choden is also a quite respectful towards authority as he was used to in his previous home.


Choden usually tries to keep quiet but sometimes can come off a bit tactless, so he’s anxious to speak his mind even if he thinks he has something good to say. He is also an obsessive perfectionist, and can throw away work of weeks if he feels it’s not good enough.


Choden was born in Ba Sing Se’s Middle Ring to an earth-bender father and an air-bender mother. His air-bender mother died at birth and Choden was raised by his father who wanted an earth-bender son and thus Choden was unaware of his air bending until a later stage in his life.

Choden’s father was very strict and always pushed Choden to acquire education and specifically to inherit his construction company. Choden Had a good relationship with his grandma on his father’s side who was always loving and supporting of his passions.

Choden had different passions over the years such as painting, writing, playing music, but he always knew he wanted to be an architect. Choden finished school at the age of 16 and studied architecture at the University of Ba Sing Se for 4 years.

When Choden got his diploma, his father insisted him to work for his company, but Choden didn’t want to work for his father’s company as he wanted to find his own way and travel the world.
Things got heated and his father started yelling at him in anger. In response, Choden moved his hands to keep his father away, when a burst of air suddenly appeared out of his hand. His father terrified screamed at Choden, calling him an abomination and yelling at him to get out of his sight.
With tears, Choden left his childhood home with the bit of money that was left in his pocket and traveled out of the middle ring and Ba Sing Se.

Choden decided that he should take the opportunity to see the world. He traveled around the earth kingdom and visited many locations such as Jehung, Ruins of Taku, Great Divide, Gaipan, Omashu and eventually ended up in Misty Palms Oasis on the edge of the Si Wong Desert. There he met a couple of male air-benders from the Southern Air Temple. Choden decided to greet himself to them as a fellow air bender. After telling them about his travels he found out the air benders were heading back to the Southern Air Temple - and Choden asked them to take him with them, and so he ended up at the Southern Air Temple
learn more about his heritage.
He returned with the air benders and started basic training to control his air bending and studyed air nomad culture and traditions.

After studying for a year or so, Choden moved to the Eastern Air Temple to help out with the re-construction and now after a year and a half of work he lives in the completed temple, studying and training.