Introduction | Avatar Sialuk

ID Card

(Artwork done by the amazing Tae!)

Name: Sialuk Diamond

Age: 31

Nation:Southern Water Tribe

Hometown: Angnikuyaak

Current residence: Angnikuyaak

Parents: Takiyok (Mother, Medicine Woman) & Kappiataitok (Father, Non-bender Warrior)

Pets: Amok (Wolf)

Siblings: Oceanus, Siku, Arnaaluk

Children: Qilaq (Six years old)

Profession: Avatar

Personality Stats, and Traits

My personality:Kind Hearted, Humorous, Stubborn, Rebelious

My Stats:

5+ Defense
5+ Fishing
10+ Spirituality
5+ Bending
3+ Reading/Writing
3+ Spear Fighting
2+ Hand Combat
2+ Quick Wit

My strength(s): Waterbending

My weakness(es):The people I care for.

Biggest Fear: Failing my duties as the Avatar

Previously on…

Thirty-One years ago, a baby girl was born in Angniku. She was named Sialuk. Daughter of a Medicine woman named Takiyok, and a warrior named Kappiataitok, (Piata for short).

The day Sialuk was born, the Elder Shaman of the tribe assigned the gem stone Diamond to her as they could sense a deep powerful power within the young babe. People in the village believed she would become the next Elder Shaman of the tribe. However destiny and fate had other plans. At a young age, it was known that Sialuk would be a good waterbender. She was always busy working on her bending, and training to become the next elder.

At the age of eighteen, the Elder contacted the chief of the tribes, and informed him about Sialuk. There the Chief contacted other nation leaders. Sialuk was taken to the Fire Nation, and was announced as the Avatar during the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the end of the 100 year war. At first she was in shock, denial, and confused. Why was she the avatar? She was supposed to become the next Elder shaman after all!


Sialuk didn’t want this. But she grew into the role. She began her firebending training. Her teacher was the Fire Lord himself, Seb along with other mentors. During her training a war broke out between the Fire Nation and Water Tribe, after the Fire Lord invited her to a play on Ember Island as a break from her training. The play was amazing, and she had fun, until the end of it. Water Tribe Rebels attacked the theater attacking the Fire Lord, his family and her. No one was hurt, but the rebels did escape. Battles began to happen between the two nations, and Sialuk was stuck from stopping it.

As time went on the war began to grow more and more. Sialuk wanted to help stop it. She tried speaking with the Fire Lord, but he would not listen. After the break out of the Spiritual Shaman Justin, it was found out he was over the rebels. That he had tricked the Water Chief and Fire Lord into the war. The Shaman was found hiding in the Air Temple with pictures of the Avatar, and a journal on how he wanted to be the Avatar instead of her. That he had deserved it more.

And then there was a battle on Kyoshi Island. This time Sialuk was going to do something. But she arrived too late. Spirits had destroyed most of the village. She hoped many of the villagers were able to get out safely, but seeing the fallen Kyoshi Warriors, she had doubts. She ran to the shrine, and arrived to see the Water Princess, Tae dead on the ground with her father holding her and crying. Sialuk let out a scream and lost control pushing the Spiritual shaman Justin to his death off the cliff. With the end of the war, she was heart broken, and blamed herself for all of the deaths. She was unable to stop it, to protect them all.

The guilt of all the deaths, and the death of Justin began to slowly eat at her. During this time she had finished her fire bending training, and began her air training. The training went with difficulty. She couldn’t get the hang of airbending, unless she had fans. It helped her more easily, and when she was finished with her air training, Sialuk left for the Earth Kingdom to finish her final element.

Her Earthbending was easy to master. The General Habien was a great teacher and taught her many bending techniques. Within a year she had managed to master the element. However when she returned home, she found out that she was unable to bend water. It was like water bending was blocked. For almost two years, Sialuk stayed in the Southern Tribe trying to bend water, and got no where with it. During her re-training the Red Lotus began to form and appeared to the world. They wanted to get rid of the Nation Leaders, and tried to get her to join their side. She would not do it.

She continued on with her training and visited the air temples. Asking for guidance from Monks and gurus. There they figured out that something within Sialuk was blocking it. Guilt for what happened on Kyoshi Island. The blame she felt for the death of many people, and the death of Justin. When she was back in the Water Tribe’s new capital, she went to visit the Kuruk Shrine. She felt a connection there once before during her training, but she was too scared and ran away from it. This time she she sat down and went into Avatar State. In the Avatar State, Sialuk met with Kuruk.

He told her that she was not bad for what had happened. That there was no way for her to be able to stop it. That she was good, and a better avatar than he ever was. That she should let go of that guilt, and focus on those who still need her. While she was in the Avatar State, the Red Lotus decided to attack the Avatar and those who were with her. Avatar Kuruk took over Sialuk and fought them off with waterbending. When the fight was over, Sialuk came to, and was confused. The Water Chief Advisor, and her Waterbending teacher, Purnaq informed her what had happened. She then informed Purnaq and the others who were with them of what had happened within the Avatar State. After that moment Sialuk began learning how to water bend.


After months of training, she now believes that she is ready for what’s to come next. Months after completing her water training, a war broke out between the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation.

The Earth Princess Hana was taken and tortured by the Fire Nation. The Earth Queen called for justice, but the Fire Lord denied taking the Princess and torturing her. The Avatar believed the Fire Lord. Something didn’t add up. But the Queen still did not believe and announced war against the Fire Nation. With the war going on, the Avatar is trying to find the truth to end this war. But she’s going to need help…

She met two waterbenders named Milo and Lux. They became her friends quickly, and they formed a small team to help end the war, and to find the truth. However Lux had broken away from the team in hopes of another dream. Sialuk never saw him again after he broke away. Milo stuck around and the two began to work on recruiting others into the goal, and looking for clues on the truth, and trying to find a way to end the war.

The two with some help from others managed to find out that the Red Lotus was behind the kidnapping, and was framing the Fire Nation. They quickly tried to inform the Queen so she would call off the war. However she would not listen and threatened to have them arrested if they were to intrude again. Calling Sialuk bias for siding with the Fire Lord, because they were friends.

With the war raging on, and battles happening. Sialuk could not take it anymore. When the Fire Nation attacked Jehung in retort of the Earth Kingdom attacking Ember Island, Sialuk and Milo rushed to Jehung to try to stop the fighting. However the fighting broke out. Both Sialuk, Milo and Lux (who were still apart of the team at the time) tried to stop the fighting, and protected people from both sides from being harmed by each other.

A stand off happened, and Sialuk grew angry. The fighting needed to stop! As the two sides began to charge at each other, Sialuk fueled by her emotions went into avatar state and conjured a fissure in the ground cutting the two sides from colliding. She lectured them on how the war needed to stop. But the Queen would not listen, and ordered Grand Secretariat Ako to attack Sialuk. However Ako argued against the command, and the Queen in a fit of rage banished Ako from the Earth Kingdom.

The Fire Lord and his people backed off, and left Jehung with Ako. Sialuk, Milo, and Lux decided to make their way to the Fire Nation as well, so they could speak with the Fire Lord, and his soldiers. Sialuk and the Fire Lord made a deal. He would not attack the Earth Kingdom unless it was out of defense. However after a while the Fire Lord decided to attack the stronghold where the Queen was located. He wanted to end the war once and for all. Sialuk was not able to make it to the battle since it was unknown to her at the time.

The Queen gave up, and a summit at the Southern Air Temple was held. Signaling the end of the war. Will peace remain or is there something brewing? In the end, the Queen stepped down along with the royal Lin family. A new family took over, the Hanri’s, as General Habien became the new King.


The Red Lotus was hunted down and put to a stop too. With a time of peace, Sialuk had taken up the duty to train the young waterbenders of the Water tribe. But soon trouble came to the tribes after spending some time in the Earth Kingdom, a murderer had threatened the Water Tribe upon her return. Taunting her to catch them.

To protect their tribe, the swt shutdown their borders, and contacted their sisters and brothers to the North. While they waited, an odd airbender named Fong found the Avatar. He was suspicious of her from the beginning they met. Singling her out as the Avatar without first meeting, and when questioned, he simply knew her. Nothing happened during the meeting, but in the end, it was found that he was the murderer, and part of the Red Lotus as the airbender was causing trouble and an uprising.

After the death of the Airbender, the Northern tribe appeared. The Chief of the North, Valqu met with Kilaa, Taio and Sialuk. They made a deal. Their troops for the marriage of Valqu and Sialuk. With the Red Lotus rising on her mind, and wanting to protect the people of the tribe, Sialuk accepted it.

Soon after accepting the proposal, Sialuk soon found out she was with child. The father was not the Northern Chief, but was the childhood friend to the Avatar from her village in Angnikuyaak. He was a Shaman named Tarkik Moonstone. Sialuk would protect him from those who picked on Tarkik when they were children, and as they grew older, worked together during her trainings to one day become the Elder Shaman of Angnikuyaak, until she was found out to be the Avatar.


Learning of her condition, Sialuk informed Chief Kilaa along with informing her about how Valqu had smacked a child, and it was decided that the betrothal between Sialuk and Valqu was ended. Sialuk and Tarkik left the Southern Water Tribe for Gyantse. They spent a couple of weeks in town, and during their time there, Sialuk was met with Guru Yonten and finished her training to Master the Avatar State. During her training, she realized a lot from the training.

Sialuk couldn’t be everywhere to stop things from happening, and it wasn’t her fault if she couldn’t stop it. She thought over everything, and decided to return home. She would not run from her problems, and hide while others had to deal with them. She will be there to fight with them, and to put an end to the problem if it came.

As time went on, war was declared between the two sister tribes. Sialuk was unable to do much as her pregnancy made it impossible to train. But no fights had broken out, and it seemed that the North had gone silent. As time went on, a child had been found by Sialuk’s cousin. She was unable to hear, and could not remember things. Sialuk welcomed the child into her family until they were able to find out who she was. It turned out the child was from Sukika, and had gone missing on a fishing trip with her brother and father. Sialuk contacted the Chieftain of the Sukika to inform her of the child that had been found.

It turned out that she was indeed the young girl. Her brother and father had yet to be found, until one day Sialuk was visiting the healer Center, and a boy had been rushed in. She tried to help keep the boy calm as the healer had to check him over. The boy had been on an iceberg for days. It was unknown how long it had truly been. His hand was damaged badly from frost bite and had to be amputated.

Two guards from Sukika were in the capital and had come by the center, and knew who the boy was. He was the missing one from the boat accident. He was in no condition to travel, so Sialuk offered him a room at her home in the capital until it was safe for him to travel. She felt bad for the boy, and felt her motherly instincts kicked in to help the child.

As she helped take care of the child for a week, she began to go into labor. She along with Tarkik, and the boy rushed to the healing center where she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She named the child Qilaq.

With the tension between the Southern and Northern tribes over life in the Southern Water Tribe became at peace once more. Sialuk was sad to see Chief Kilaa leave for the North as their new Chief, but was also looking forward to seeing how the new Chief, Kaya would do.

Sialuk stayed in the tribe for a while, before having to leave for the Fire Nation. She hated to leave her child behind, but knew as the Avatar it was her duty to make sure there was a balance in the world. As soon Sialuk came to the Fire Nation capital she had stumbled across gold from a recent bank robbery. It was odd to her as to why they would leave it to be found.

It was then discovered that an organization was behind it. They had been causing some issues around the Fire Nation. With the help of the Fire Lord, and his Cabinet, Sialuk helped take care of them. It had turned out that the org was using a charity as a disguise. The Moonlight Charity. Sialuk was surprised at who the leader was. The birth father of her cousin’s adopted son.

For months, Sialuk stayed in the Fire Nation Capital helping where she could. Eventually it was time to take down the Moonlight Charity. They had made a base in Jang Hui’s abandoned factory. The arresting of the group went smoothly. With the group taken care of, Sialuk decided to go back to the Southern Tribe. She missed her family, and wanted to make sure things had been going okay.

How long will peace in the world last?


Six years would pass, and peace still remained as Sialuk continued living in Angniku. Her daughter was now six years old, and strong as can be. Life seemed peaceful until an unexpected spirit appeared in the Southern Water Tribe Capital. What will now? Only time will tell.


(made by the amazing Rokkuhon!

(Made by the amazing Tae!