Fire Nation | Royal Cabinet


The Royal Cabinet is made up of the most important positions in the government. Members of the cabinet are appointed by the Fire Lord. Members of the cabinet will work in their individual departments and report to the Fire Lord. If a role isn’t filled, it will be managed by the Fire Lord. If a sub-role isn’t filled (ex. the ministers under the Prime Minister), it will be filled by the cabinet member leading the department (same ex. the Prime Minister).

The Official Seal of the Royal Cabinet

Role Titles Role Descriptions Dependent Roles
Fire Lord The Fire Lord leads the Fire Nation. They make significant decisions IRP and OOC, and are responsible for selecting members of the Cabinet. All Fire Nation Roles
Royal Secretariat The Royal Secretariat is the right-hand of the Fire Lord. They are responsible for managing international relations with the other nations, and fostering positive relationships. Ambassadors
Prime Minister The Prime Minister is responsible for managing internal affairs within the Fire Nation. They must manage various different departments within the Fire Nation, such as education and health, and handle cultural affairs. Health Minister & Education Minister*
Grand General The Grand General leads the Fire Nation military and police force to ensure that our borders and citizens remain safe. They are responsible for recruiting new members and training them. All Military Roles
High Magistrate The High Magistrate leads the courts and are a significant figure in relation to law and justice within the Fire Nation. They will preside over critical court cases, and introduce new and crucial legislation. Lawyers & Magistrates
High Sage The High Sage is the leader of the Fire Sages in the Capital. They protect the stored knowledge in the Dragon Catacombs and work as the spiritual guide of the Fire Nation to preserve the land’s culture and identity. All Sage Roles
Lord Lords are retired Fire Lords act as advisors to the Cabinet when requested. They may also interfere when they deem interference necessary.

The following roles may take part in the Royal Cabinet by discretion of the Prime Minister.

  • Health Minister: Reviews public sanitation guidelines, keeps medicinal strategies up to date and oversees all hospitals
  • Education Minister: Organizes cultural showcases, writes the curriculum for schools and ensures every Fire Nation citizen has access to education.