Fire Nation | Laws

The Laws of the Fire Nation

Minor Infractions
These punishments for these crimes will range from fines, overnight imprisonment and even being banned from the establishment. As a result, you may lose your job and will be marked on a criminal record. Varies on each situation for punishment values.

(1) Trespassing

(a) Entering an establishment or home without permission.
(b) Not leaving an establishment after being asked/told to leave.

(2) Harassment

(a) Bothering someone with words, actions or indirect actions after being told to halt behaviour.

(3) Stealing - small monetary value

(a) Taking food or items that run a value of less than or equal to 100 yuans.

(4) Vandalism

(a) Damaging public or private locations or objects.

Major Infractions
These are high ranking crimes that will always end with imprisonment and can have other ramifications. Punishments will have ranges, but will never be above or below the indicated range.

(1) Assault and Battery

(a) Assault includes verbal attacks and threats of bodily harm/injury. Battery is the physical act of attacking an individual. Even a push can be deemed battery if followed after assault.

(i) Punishment will be at least 2 weeks imprisonment to no more than a month.
(ii) The victim’s medical bills will be compensated by the perpetrators.

(2) Stealing

(a) Taking anything with a value greater than 100 yuans.

(i) Punishment will be one month imprisonment.
(ii) The criminal will have to compensate the owner through monetary repayment and if applicable, return the item/s.

(3) Kidnapping

(a) Taking an individual by force and keeping them for ransom or information.

(i) This does not include torture.
(ii) Punishment will be between 2 to 4 years imprisonment.
(iii) If a ransom is taken, it must be paid back to the victim.
(vi) If tortured or killed, refer to High Crimes against the Crown.

High Crimes against the Crown
This is to include ANY and ALL crimes listed above when acted upon the Royal Family, the Royal Grounds or Government Officials.

The following crimes can be committed to any Fire Nation citizen, and if done against another Nation, will be extradited to that Nation for punishment.

Punishments for these crimes can be death or a life imprisonment sentence. The Fire Lord of a figure head he appoints can change the punishment to what they see fit.

(1) Kidnapping

(a) This level includes torture and/or death.

(i) Punishment ranges from 10 years to life imprisonment.

(2) Murder
The extent of punishment can be changed on the order of the Fire Lord or one he deems to have the power to change the ruling.

(a) Premeditated murder (murder as a result of a plan).

(i) Punishment ranges from 5 years to life imprisonment.

(b) Impulsive murder (murder with the intent being passion).

(i) Punishment ranges from 3 years to life imprisonment.

(c) Accidental murder.

(i) 1 to 10 years imprisonment.

(3) Treason

(a) Spying on the Crown for the benefit of another Nation.

(i) Punishment ranges from life imprisonment to death.

(4) War Crimes

(a) Going against the order of the Fire Lord, His War Minister and/or her Admirals/Generals.

(i) Crimes against humanity
(ii) War prisoners can be taken, but they must not be tortured physically or mentally, started, or treated less than.

These laws are relevant to all who break them upon Fire Nation territory or who have been extradited to be tried through the Fire Nation court system. The individual will be detained until their court proceeding where all evidence and ideas submitted will be considered.

These laws will be consistently updated as the Fire Nation evolves and adapts.

Credit to Xelin and Searc