Fire Lord Azuso


Titles and Accomplishments

Mayor of Gaipan
Royal Secretariat - currently held
Fire Lord
Lord - currently held
Locum Prime Minister - currently held

Brief Backstory and Recent Events

Born to a mother from the Earth Kingdom and a father who served in the Fire Nation army, Azuso spent his childhood traveling and experiencing different cultures. His father resigned from the army and turned to trading, so Azuso learned to sail at a young age. He had many spontaneous visits to trading port cities like Ba Sing Se, the Fire Nation Resort, and Ember Island.

In his young adulthood, Azuso rose to become the youngest mayor in Earth Kingdom history, serving in Gaipan under rule of Earth King Habien. There, he constructed development plans with approval from the King and Chancelor in the strait to Ba Sing Se as well as the isle in front of Gaipan.

In office as mayor, Azuso was tragically kidnapped by a mysterious Fire Nation gang. He was forcibly taken to Caldera and released with uncertain details involving a bribe. He was eventually found and rescued by Fire Lord Xelin.

While in recovery, Azuso worked closely with the Fire Lord and inquired to become an ambassador for the Fire Nation with his trade in diplomacy. However, the Fire Lord’s cabinet was so impressed that Azuso was appointed to the rank of Royal Secretariat, serving as Xelin’s hand for the coming years.

As Royal Secretariat, Azuso abolished the Southern Raiders, worked closely with the Water Chief, and established new ties with the Air Collective. He also took on as Professor of Cultural Studies at F.N.S.E.

As of recent, Azuso was crowned as Fire Lord after Xelin’s retirement. After his reign, he grew tired of the ceremonial position and returned to his post as Royal Secretariat, taking on the new role of Lord and handing the crown to his spiritual apprentice, Touya. He was also granted the locum position of Prime Minister by Touya.


Azuso wears long, silk robes adorned with golden flowers and a green sash. He is tall, standing at 5’ 11" and is averagely built (he is not particularly mastered at Fire Bending and does not train very often. Only enough to defend himself or farm). He has tanned skin, ruby-colored eyes, and dark, black hair. He wears his long hear with a headpiece or crown of sorts. He has a diamond-shaped face.

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Azuso has a silver tongue and a sharp mind, always trying to please others to get his way. Coming from a noble family, he was grown to be well-mannered and precise. Because his kidnapping was a traumatic event for him, Azuso is now sometimes overskeptical, which may sometimes come off as shady or rude.

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