Character Introduction | Sangye

Name (ign/rp name):
IGN: Verthidus
RPN: Sangye


Air Nomads

Southern Airtemple

Current residence:
Sangye found his residence in the Southern Airtemple. He used to have a meditation cafe in Gaoling (Earth Kingdom).

Gyang, 62 (father) and Ume, 64 (mother). Both are still living among the air nomads. Typical people of the mid-class, they’ve always worked hard and taught others how to be mindfull while meditating. They raised their son Sangye with the traditional manners of the air nomads. Think of meditation and several dietary laws.

An old flying lemur, Vonro


Abbot of the Southern Airtemple

Sangye is a relatively short man with a height of 5.7 ft (170 cm). He got medium lenght blonde hair and deep green eyes. During autumn/winter season his skin will get more pale while in spring/summer his skin will light up with a golden touch. His facial features are symmetrical and his face shape tend to be more as a heart.

Sangye likes to keep things traditional when it comes to clothing. He’s always wearing his orange/red toga with a long cape down his back. To even make it more traditional, Sangye likes to add an air nomad necklace, with the air-symbol, to his outfits.

Sangye is always smiling or grinning; he may come of as a bit mysterious. He exudes sophistication and glamour, and possesses an aura of mystery and charm that impresses others. At first sight people might find him a flamboyant young man.

Recently taken photo of Sangye

Personality, strength(s), and traits:

Sangye has a complex personality that can be both elusive and empathetic. He always seems to know what is happening around him and is quick in his analysis of the situation. That makes him a natural leader who inspires confidence in others. He is friendly and sociable, but also keeps enough distance to remain mysterious.

Sangye is quite the master at controlling the air that is surrounding him. This makes him skillful and confident. However, he is aware that his gifts do not put him above others. He has learned to remain himself in the presence of those who do not understand or appreciate his gift. Because of this, he can sometimes come across as hesitant. But when taken seriously, he shines like no other. His self-awareness is an important quality that allows him to understand the world around him.

Sangye is not afraid to take risks and is quick to make decisions. He is willing to bear the consequences of his actions and will take responsibility if necessary. All this together makes Sangye a fascinating person that you cannot easily forget.

Empathetic, spontaneous, kind, advanced, creative, original and a true humanitarian.

Independent, intelligent, charismatic, charming, curious, wise, rebellious, progressive and very philosophical.

Arrogant, aloof, stubborn, overly emotional, dramatic and sometimes bossy.

Sangye was born to a family of Air Nomads who resided in the Southern Airtemple. From an early age, he was fascinated by the spirituality and teachings of the Air Nomads. He spent a lot of his childhood studying under the Airbending masters of the temple, learning everything he could about their unique abilities and way of life.

As he grew older, Sangye became restless and felt a strong desire to explore the world beyond the temple walls. He wanted to experience new cultures, see new places, and learn more about the world outside of the Air Nation. Against his family’s wishes, he left the temple at the age of 18 to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

During his travels, Sangye met people from all walks of life, each with their own unique stories and experiences to share. He learned many valuable lessons from these diverse individuals, and his understanding of the world and its people deepened with each passing day.

After several years on the road, Sangye felt a strong pull to return to his roots and the teachings of the Air Nomads. He returned to the Southern Airtemple and soon became a respected member of the community. His extensive knowledge of the outside world and his calm, empathetic nature made him a valuable asset to the temple.

In his early twenties Sangye spent his days teaching and sharing his experiences with young Airbenders. Occasionally he continues to explore the world as a well known individual of the Air Nation, spreading peace and understanding wherever he goes…

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