Character introduction-Fire Lord Touya Akuma

            Name (ign/rp name):
                Touya Akuma


Fire Nation


Current residence:
The Capital City

Asuna (mother) & Ryoko Akuma (father) (both deceased)

None (wants a fire ferret or dragon even though he knows the dragons are dead)

Todo Akuma (deceased)

Fire Lord
Touya Has pale skin with blood red eyes and Black hair with red strands. Touya is slim but strong, not very muscular but he’s still strong. He tends to wear black, gold and red clothing

Personality and traits
His personality: The death of Touyas Parent left a scar on his mind and personality. it left him very hostile and not very trusting. He’s kind to the very little people he does trust but he does try to do what right, as a fire sage and a member of the fire nation, but theres always a few flaws, he relies on firebending too much and overuses it causing burns on his skin, if he gets angry he can resort to violence really fast, especially if you mock his family

His strength(s): Touya has always been a smart kid. with good physical condition. and exceptional fire bending skills. And hes a good strategist when it comes to fighting.**

My weakness(es):
**Touya is way to trusting to the friends he does have. It’s easy to get under his skin when talking about Touyas dead family, he gets riled up, angry and cant fully control his emotions or firebending

Touya was a happy child, happy with his Family, and his younger brother Todo. Todo was Touya’s best friend. Todo was always there for him when he was feeling sad. Touya would only be seen playing with Todo. Touya was a helper in his family, doing the housework, getting the fire started, he had also been studying sword fighting and firebending, as well as the language Nihongo. Nothing could bring down Touya’s spirit. But all that changed when a group of earth and firebenders killed everyone that they could except for Touya…… with that traumatic experience tears flowed down his eyes. And the glistening hope for a bright future was lost…… until he learned about the Avatar. He studied, researched and wanted to help the avatar.…… but maybe… hes not telling the truth to himself.

Later he found a few friends Tyn, Corrin, Akari, and Nami. As well as the new sage Kuzon, and the water tribe warrior Kelah. He met Fire lord Xelin and they became friends and talked when they could. He was appointed to be the first fire sage in years by Lord Azuso Xinlong. And is the current leader of the fire sages. Even with all of these amazing things in hisblife he still hasent gotten over the traumatic experience of his past. In all of this he wishes his brother and parents were by his side, in every waking moment.