Character introduction, Arataki Taiyō

Ign: (getting pc soon) flamemaster0
RP name: Arataki
Age: 13
Nation: Fire Nation
Hometown: Ember Island
Current residence: Haggyo Island
Parents: Muzan and Uzusi
Pets: None
Siblings: None
Profession: Student At Haggyo Academy

Personality: a kind, sarcastic playful oerson but can be a little bit rude towards other students.
Backstory: Taiyo grew up in a wealthy household on ember island, like a few of the high class fire nation families. When he was a little kid he was a little bit of a trouble maker when he learnt he could fire bend, his parents found out when they caught him, they disciplined him quite a bit during that time. After the end of his troubling streak, he applied to the prestigious haggyo academy, and got accepted. Hes been there for three years, and started his own study on becoming a soldier and the spirituality of the fire sages

Appearance: brown scruffy hair, with blue eyes,m. Wears the usual school uniform, like the one aang wore in the third season.

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