Casual Roleplay

A brief list of casual roleplay ideas for newer players who may be unsure what to do in everyday roleplay.
Inspired by Kyo’s Enjin post.

Casual Roleplays:

Meet a friend or bump into a stranger;

  • At a tea shop
  • While shopping/searching for something you need/lost
  • While training your bending

Casual Events

  • Throw a play or street performance
  • Throw a party! (Beach, garden, birthday, dinner etc.)
  • Host a contest (Fashion show, talent show, etc.)


  • Explore a new town, how will you get there, what will you get up to?
  • Travel somewhere by ship, who do you encounter?
  • Explore the nature outside your town, bring a friend

Casual conflict

  • Spar or train with a friend
  • Protest about something your town leader or NL is/is not doing
  • You’ve been injured in an animal attack, what do you do, where/who do you go to for help?

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