Auran Tupelo - The Golden Wind

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RP name: Auran Tupelo
Age: 14
Nation: Air Nation
Hometown: Northern Air Temple
Current Residence: N/A(Nomad)
Parents: Her parents died before she could meet them.
Pets: Taka(a flying bison)
Siblings: N/A
Profession: N/A
Height: 5’7
Eyes: Green-Blue
Hair: Dark brown

Auran’s parents travelled to another town leaving Auran behind as she was just an infant. Auran’s parents then got caught in a fire, and passed away. 13 years later when Auran is 14, Auran set off on her own with her flying bison, Taka. Auran was nicknamed “The Golden Wind” because she was an excellent airbender, and loved the color gold. Nowadays she pretends to be a non-bender, and covers up her tattoos with a mask. She uses a airbender’s glider and a bow to fight.