Air Nation Peace Corps


Peace Corps

Who are the Peace Corps?
The Peace Corps are an Air Collective-led initiative that grew from a simple food and clothing drive and transformed into a peace keeping organisation with a headquarters in Gyantse. Today, we continue that mission of delivering relief efforts to people in need, and uphold peace in our lovely Gyantse by keeping an open eye on the town’s problems and threats.


Our main goals are to provide assistance to impoverished communities and to prevent future global and regional conflicts. We believe that a sense of equality and unity are most important to avoid conflict, and that’s what we are striving to achieve. If you value peace and helping communities in need, the Peace Corps might be for you. We are searching for positive and motivated people from all nations to sign up as Peace Cadets. PC-removebg-preview.png
Samten4-removebg-preview.png If you’d like to apply to join the Peace Corps, reply to this post with the following information and you will be contacted as soon as possible :smiley:

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