Introduction | Asuka Heihachirō

Asuka Heihachirō


20 y/o, 175 cm, athletic

Caldera City, Fire Nation

Fire Navy Private

Primary Officer Training, Fire Navy
Degree in Philosophy, Caldera University (ongoing)

Asuka Heihachirō was born on the Eastern Air Temple to an airbender and a non-bender fire nation diplomat. While she was born a firebender, she was raised among airbenders, giving her an acrobatic basis for her firebending.

At 13 years old, she moved to Caldera City due to her father’s work, where she continued her education. She became very interested in philosophy and politics, which she studied at length. Influenced by her studies and her background, she made it her mission to acquire to atributes, wisdom and power. Wisdom to know which are the right actions to take, and power to be able to perfom them.

Coming out of her teens, she decided to join the Fire Nation Navy to be in a position of increasing influence, and enrolled part time in Caldera University to pursue her academic interests.

Currently, she is investigating the existence of the Sun Warriors, even if she does not fully believe the rumours of their existence to be true. She believes studying their ways may provide for great insights and thus development of her firebending, and indirectly put her in a more correct path towards mental clarity and powerful bending.

Very rational and insightful, but passionately competitive (sometimes to her own detriment). She also has a very independent spirit, as most diplomatic children do.

Dueling (sparring), reading, travelling.